Freddyfazbear90158, a summerbag who is actually a troll

A newbag is the nickname (often an insult) for a new user on OT. It is derived from a 4chan term for new users (Newfags). Newbags are usually judged not by their post quality, but their post count. It is simply a myth that newbags will often spread memes, call random people insults, and act rashly. They are often rejected by OT purely due to their post count. However, those who continue to participate in OT and will quickly become part of the community and lose their title as a newbag. In the summer, OT has more traffic, thus leading to making people think that more newbags get on in the Summer. This is true, but more users in general go on OT in the summer.

It is a common misconception that newbags are always creating memes, terrible posts, and insulting others. Everyone on OT was once a "newbag" and had to start somewhere. There are many experienced OTers who still make terrible posts, memes, and insult others, therefore it is not specific to newbags in general.


Another perversion of a 4chan term, Summerbags are like newbags, but often turn up to OT in many numbers and do so only during the summer. They are notorious for trashposting and using forced/stale memes, much to OT's annoyance. The majority of summerbags are often trolls, while others are clueless ROBLOX users who post threads not expecting the large amount of flame.


Lowpostie is a term used to describe a user with a post count totaling under a varying threshold, usually 1,000, 2,000, or 10,000 posts. The first known use of the term likely originated from the Boostmojis group, presumably sometime during late 2016. This may have been due to the fact newbag was censored at the time.


A less used but still a used term, newfriend is another term for newbag. This time directly pulled from a 4chan meme.