OT in Early 2013 was blessed with the migrations of newfriends (the Off Topic term for a new person) from the insane RT.

We could applaud them for the taste they have in sub-forums but the amount coming in started to annoy old OTers that thought that obviously;

"dis is liek /b/ and new ppl mak it much worse!".

A few OTers actually realized this was good for OT as it could keep OT more active then usual.

The Downside

Many spammers came over to OT seeing the migrations. One of these was Ventus.

The migrations also caused a bunch of cancerous threads in OT such as "what is a heartstrings?", which opened up opportunities for a few trolls to jump at them.

The Start of the word "Scrub"

Scrub can be considered the most cancerous term in the history of OT. The word was first used to insult newfriends but now it's just a word to insult someone overall. This has turned some OTers like Smellyapple into complete fools.

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