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Nickyny began OT in mid-2013. He has since only achieved a little over 2.5k posts, due to inactivity that lasted almost all of 2014. He is also personal friends with AlphaHeroMax in real life, and does Skype chats with him often.

Since the beginning of his foruming, nickyny has had 3 siggies:


"youll never get my swiggity swoogity sam"

"Do, or do not. There is no try."

Nickyny's first siggy referenced the once popular youtube series, asdfmovie. His 3rd and current siggy is also a popular quote from Star Wars said by Yoda. His 2nd siggy? That just flew out of his head and onto his keyboard.

Nickyny hates furries. When he sees one, he attacks one. The same goes for weebs and edgy 12 year olds.

Speaking of 12 year olds, Nickyny's age remains a secret, however, it is between 12 and 18. He lives in New York, and does justice to edgy kids in his school irl. He hates overused jokes like 21, what are those, and practically every other vine out there.

"The only thing worse than your sense of humor is your incomprehensibly low IQ."

-nickyny 2015

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