Life on Roblox

Ninenyan9 first started playing Roblox back in 2008 as a hobby. He started his rather humble beginnings on Roblox building simple, blocky cars. But he quickly lost interest in this, and did not find out about Roblox again until late 2012.

In late 2012, NineNyan9 had seeked new entertainment online. Club Penguin's restrictions became more and more of a nuisance to him. Thus, he joined Roblox, often playing car games. He later design his own game.

Later, he joined the forums of OT on Roblox, looking to converse with others. He was best known for his harsh treatment of OTers that lead to the Raychel incident as well as his frequent arguing on the superiority of PCs. Because of his posting as well as his arrogance, there were many who weren't quite fond of him. He later lost most of his interest on Roblox and left.

Life outside of Roblox 

He later began his work on The Roblox Off Topic Wiki. At one point, he had held the top number of edits on Roblox wiki, contributing very often to the wiki. Soon, this captured the attention of one of the administrators, and soon he was one himself. However, his grudge of Moristhecat which stemmed from an building accident as well several other OTers meant that Wiki vandalization was inevitable. But, as NineNyan9's interest on Roblox waned, so did his interest in the Roblox Off Topic wiki.

NineNyan9 later began playing TF2, where he learned to love the community in TF2. This quickly drew his attention away from Roblox. Much later, with the encouragement of his friends, he began to play Counter-Strike. He is best known for both his astonishingly bad CS:GO skills and his rather impressive weapon collection.

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