At about 1-2 o'clock of June 8, 2014 a user named "Noentrywillstay" partied OTers for about an hour straight and pasted the following words into the party:

  "I hope you sleep well tonight, because tomorrow you're gonna wake up in a wooden chair in a cold basement"

List of OTers that were affected (please add more if you know who was)

-TheCrazyRavioli. (first victim)



NoEntry made a bio stating;

"You guys are so boring .-. Do not believe what the forums say! I will be back tomorrow!"

He changed it again saying

"I'm back."

This caused OT to go into a minor panic again.

Numerous OTers the next day said "Haha! I'm in my bed and I'm fine!" And the end, NoEntry never came back.

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