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Roblox - No Entry Game00:33

Roblox - No Entry Game

No Entry  is a considerably strange unusual place that somehow got on the front page in the early hours of June 8th 2014, it got 15,790 visits before it was closed, the game gained attention of the forums, and became the subject of many subforums, such as OT, RT, and ATR

What Happened When You Visited

When you visited the place, a GUI appeared on the screen, with 666 written in red text, and a short clip of reversed audio before the place teleported you to The Tempest


NoEntry666 and the creator of The Tempest are related

This rumor suggests that NoEntry666, the creator of No Entry, was somewhat related to the creator of The Tempest, and is an alternative account of the creator, some also related NoEntry666 to 1x1x1x1

There were hundreds of "NoEntry's" every where if you search one of their names

Those Who Visited The Game Were Hacked

The rumor suggests that some of those who visited the game got hacked, supposed fuel of this includes visitors going offline or visiting an unknown game or going on studio


After reaching around 13k visits, the game was suddenly closed to visitors, and got 15,970 plays afterwards for an unknown reason

New Game

NoEntry666 made an unnamed new game afterwards that is currently closed, he also visited many places, including Fencing by stickmasterluke, in which some suggested he ended up exploiting the games

Supposed Glitch

The cause of the large amount of place visits is said to have been a bug in which once the player is teleported to The Tempest, the game cilent still thinks the player is in No Entry, and still counts it as a visit

Forum Discussions

Rumors in OT came out that OT had dentified the creator a few weeks earlier, RT also started questioning about the game and such, ATR was allegidly freaking out over it

NoEntry666's Deletion

NoEntry666 was eventually deleted at around 5 AM or so, the game was eventually taken off the front page, leading to the ROBLOX version of Watch Dogs to become the 1st game on the front page again

NoEntry666 Now

NoEntry666 came back and No Entry is still closed, however, here is the link;

NoEntry666 is now wearing a sailor hat and full black skin. S/he has 289 friends.

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