NoahK is a relatively unknown and inactive OTer who during his time on the forum accumulated roughly 1.5k posts. He, however, is good friends with Zacmaq and had been for about a year due to a thread in which both shared their love for Aphex Twin. Since then, he's not been seen on the forums, rather focusing on other endeavors such as music production. He maintains a website, [1], which has some games and music on it. All of his music can be found on [2].


NoahK created a new religion of sorts which can be seen on his website. As he puts it:

"Parrotism is a religion based on the idea that the Great Parrot created the The Universe for parrots to live in. Luckily, the Great Parrot has allowed other forms of life in The Universe, but only to serve as slaves for the Pope Parrot. The Great Parrot is actually inside of everything, is everything. The Pope Parrot is the only one who can hear the Great Parrot's teachings until it dies. Another Parrot Pope is then appointed, and magically granted the ability to hear the Great Parrot's teachings. The Pope Parrot is expected to pass these Parrot Preachings to a Parrot Priest. A Parrot Priest is to repeat these Parrot Preachings to Parrotry Practitioners."

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