REMOVE KEBAB remove kebabREMOVE KEBAB FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. - Noe13

About Noe13

Noe13 is an OTer who's hobbies are serbposting, removing kebab, and listening to turbo folk. This is the only account that is his main. His main goal is to be the most dominant over other OT clans.

Affiliation with Serbposters

Noe13 is the leader of Serbposters. It serves a the main group against kebabs (Anyone against Serbposters or considered inferior relative to OT) and will occasionally ally with other OT clans. It is an active group.



His "waifu"


Noe13 sketch transparent

A quick sketch made by an unknown female artist OTer

  • He likes anime that don't have filler in them (12-24 episodes)
  • Sometimes when bored, he will post up a draw thread but never deliver
  • Noe13 has been banned over 70 times.
  • Noe13 only delivers posing threads
  • He builds decently and collaborates on OT team creates seriously

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