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aight yall shut up this is a real special snowflake

nochill_joe, known on social media as no chill joe, is a long-posting (with frequent long hiatuses) sadboy serbposter. His color in the color war of mid february was originally red, then navy blue. Then the communist/socialist navy blue was changed to purple because it better represented his heritage. Right before the second color war, he got beaned for 3 days for posting a "ni[B][B]as [B] like" thread. His last words for the 3 days were "AY BIH PASS THE BOTTOM TEXT", before being ruthlessly taken for 3 days by the mods. No worries, he has 3 alts. His main alt, grand_bean, his backup alt, bille_wurtze, and his backup backup alt, bil_wurtz. Then he became the color(s) of bledple. Blue, red, and purple combined.

In real life, nochill_joe has been involved in many fandoms, some of which occured in his rather autistic mind. At 5 years old, he fell and hit his head on hard concrete, so that might explain some of this. Starting at 5 years, he was into vampires. At 7, he was to werewolves. At 8-9 years old, he was into battle for dream island, and at late 2013, he discovered OT at 9 years old. There, he discovered homestuck. 4 years too early to actually be gamzee. Then, he discovered russiaboo, but that's something covered a different time. But then, he became all spiritual and shit in mid 2014. By late 2014 and early to mid 2015, he didn't actually have a fandom. He was too busy enjoying the good life he had at school and at home. And he took a very big road trip in the summer of 2015. But right before that, in june, he discovered V A P O R W A V E, but thats for another paragraph. By early late 2015, He changed his name from NoobCreated, to Swedenball. He was the countryball of OT. But then he threw it all away. He became psychotic, and became a brony to cope with it. gasp from crowd it happened when he stumbled pony thread simulators, then the pony anthologies, then he became a brony, and nobody knew until now. in april, he faded away from brony culture and said "hey this fandom shit is fucking horrible im going to stop now i didn't realize how bad this was until now. and, he finally stopped for what seemed like forever. He began with the sadboys by drinking arizona tea and listening to cloud rap, then he bought CS:GO, and that occupied most of his time. Then he realized that he was half polish, and then he started rapidly embracing poland.

NEW STUFF - february 2017


OLD STUFF - july 2014

NoobCreated is an OTer that's with the forever OTers. The forevers are treated like chopped liver while the OTers who leave and come back are the greatest thing on earth. NoobCreated is not known/known even though he OTed in 2013.

NoobCreated's real name is Itri, meaning Star in Tamazight culture. He is also the sidekick of Thoth and vice king. He is often seen on roblox as greenish-yellow and wearing the trademark headset. His A/H/W in king form is 559, 52'7", 3129 lbs. In building-friendly form, he appears 18, 6'6", 189.

He constantly makes YTP references in particular Michael Rosen or Dathings1 such as:

"hidden among the countless bars are five gold ticks."

"when i was a kid the bathroom used to disappear into the ceiling along with my nose if i'm not careful"


He is also in charge of the ot bunker here. -

so i'm just going to play this for you.. -

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