NotAshley first became an OTer somewhere around February 2014. She received a very negative response from the community at first, often being compared to ClaraTheDragonborn, who was also very hated at the time. She has since grown into a known and accepted OTer.


NotAshley's first appearance on OT was centered around her obsession with ID threads. Many saw this as spam, and it caused her to grow a negative reputation.

After scoring a 99 on a L2D, she began bragging about being an "ID goddess," which pushed many to see her as an attention seeker, further taking away from her reputation. This indecent lasted around a week.

Eventually, she grew out of ID threads. She would often post threads about trivial topics, and many saw her attempts at humor as cringe worthy. Her personality was very close to ClaraTheDragonborn's, and rumors of her being an alt began to circulate.

Somewhere around a month into her OT endeavors, NotAshley posted a very surprising revelation about the motives behind her posts. She spoke in fullly correct grammar and capitalization for the first time in her OT career. She explained that she was going through an emotional phase fueled by social anxiety, and had stumbled upon OT in the midst of her attempts to find a place socially. She tried "fitting in" by mimicking the personality traits of popular OTers she had looked up to. She realized her mistake and apologized for the disruption she caused. The thread became very popular, and she gained the respect of many veteran OTers. The thread has since been deleted.

Notable Achievements

On January 21, 2015, NotAshley launched an OT spinoff site with the domains "" and "" using forum software called PunBB. It grew rather quickly and received very positive feedback, and eventually bought its own top-level domain, "" The website disappeared a few months later.

On March 22, 2015, NotAshley created a forum bot called OTinteractive, which used the programming language Java to run automated interactive threads. After running a successful test game and multiple instances of a "OT PVP Clash" game, NotAshley seemingly lost interest, and did not write or launch any more games using the bot. An example of the bot in action can be found in this thread:

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