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NotInOurStars is a possible trashposter who originally joined S&I and RT under the name "Astrogamer97" in 2011 and finally OT in 2012. NIOS became quickly associated with OTers liliamgirl and legoseed in a kind of quirky-twee trio in the summer of 2012, eventually becoming famous for his rapid posting style. At the height of his fame he was regularly talking with DownloadEX, EXcellent, Thatsawesome, and caketrooper. Today he is a washed up has been trying to relive the glory daze and wallowing in a once famous sadness with fellow has-beens heartstrings and boeing717. His posting style is usually a mix between cynical observations and post modernist stream-of-conciousness prose. Although NotInOurStars was once incredibly popular, he's usually considered a fringe OTer that's still further from the Edgy side of OT.

(Semi) Famous Incidents

  • Astrogamer97: In late 2011, began a forced meme known as "Dance Time" which was used by people to annoy the living shit out of any OTers
  • Astrogamer97: Was deleted after reports by nascarfan73 and began a rampage that earned him a bad reputation (walk around always mad reputation).
  • NotInOurStars: A new account named NotInOurStars was created to salvage what little guts he had left.
  • NotInOurStars: With liliamgirl, trolled a number of Christian groups claiming to be Moslems promoting Mohammed (praise be unto him)
  • NotInOurStars: Vandalized multiple One Direction fan wikis with a page detailing a fictional sixth member named "Kelley Daniels"
  • NotInOurStars: Took part in a secretive reporting that eventually got nascarfan73 terminated
  • NotInOurStars: Made a number of vague, depressing posts before announcing his intentions to commit suicide and doing so in April of 2014.
  • NotInOurStars : Had made a post saying "All I need is 20K posts and I will never come back to this subforum.
  • Got termed in Late July/Early August

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