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NunoLava1998 is a OTer born on May 31st of 2014 on ROBLOX.


NunoLava1998 saw ROBLOX beacuse of the addiction of a game called Cookie Clicker (Visit -> [1]). At the time, ROBLOX Cookie Clickers were not very popular but very poor in players on ROBLOX, and now it is even worse, but NunoLava1998 found a ROBLOX game based on Cookie Clicker.

NunoLava1998 was a guest back then, after this moment he created a account, after playing the famous game "Work at a Pizza Place", he was banned beacuse of massive swearing, but he only was 6 at the time.

Thinking the ban was permanent, he created a NEW account, called NunoLava1997, a year later several alts were created too such as Duck1337XD and "TheBarneyWolf" (only created as a joke, terminated on the first ban somehow.)

As the TIME OF THIS POSTING, he has TBC until November 4th 2015.

NunoLava1998 is the main account until TBC expires for himself. He currently forums on OT and plays on the Games section.

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