An OT abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase commonly used on OT. Many people use them to type quicker, some are used as fads on OT.

OT Abbreviations

These are some commonly used abbreviations on the Off Topic Forum:

  • OT: Off Topic.
  • OTer: A person that forums on OT.
  • ODer: Online Dater.
  • C7G/C&G: Clans and Guilds.
  • PGed: Password Guessed.
  • PG: Password Guess.
  • RT: A forum called Roblox Talk.
  • RTer: A person that forums in Roblox Talk.
  • ATR: All Things Roblox.
  • ATRer: Someone who forums mostly on ATR
  • LMaD: Lets make a deal.
  • LMaDer: Someone who forums mostly on LMaD
  • Trashpost/Crappost: A very bad, or completely useless post.
  • Filterpass: Using "alt codes" to get around the filter.
  • popcorn: A term for porn.
  • irl: In real life.
  • L#D: Last #(number) Digits.
  • OP: Original Poster.
  • Clannie/Clanscrub: A insult used against people who are in a war clan.
  • ITT: In This Thread.
  • OT Party: A party that is held by an OTer.
  • S7I/S&I: Suggestions & Ideas (subforum).
  • Raid: A bit like a OT Party but OT insults the raided and troll.
  • OTermination: When a bunch of OTers are banned/termed for little/no reason.
  • Minimod: A person that says "reported" whenever someone is breaking the rules.
  • Newbag: someone new to OT, often used as an insult.
  • Bump: Bumping the thread onto first page.
  • Lowpostie: Somebody with a low post count.
  • Highpostie: Somebody with a high post count.