The game icon for the Lagio-Astrain OT Bunker.

An OT Bunker is a ROBLOX game containing a bunker made for OT. OT bunkers are used for a number of reasons; maintenance, moderators, spambots, raids targeting OT, OT parties, and more. Many times when OT goes to a bunker to escape mods, a mod will come. They can also be large targets for raiding subforums, and multiple bunkers have employed the use of alarms, blast doors, security cameras, guns and turrets to protect against attackers.

OT Bunkers are hated by some since they do not prevent OTers from getting banned and they often treat OT like an actual place, which is widely disliked.

The quality of an OT bunker can span from a few free models to a fully-fledged underground facility.

List of bunkers

Caketrooper's bunker

Dorito's 3 bunkers

Lagio-Astrain bunker

Astrain's second bunker

JoeJoe11's bunker

Coolestblue's bunker

Deadpandipper6567's bunkers (Currently In development)

Great_Greenie's bunker

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