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The OT Ninja's Slogan:

"Fear us!" -The OT Ninjas

Introduction to The OT Ninjas:

The OT Ninjas was a group of Silent Reporters, consisting of the Grandmaster, Jupiterism, DOMINITOR2005, bone_shaper, kinginamo123 (A forced servant) and Prison_Shanked. Their enemies are the minimods. They normally attempt to go around, attempting to intervene in Flame-Wars and normal OT Drama. Their most recent flame-war they have tried to intervene in is the flame-war between IsThatSlaya and Redman/Redmeme. They do not try to get into any flame-wars, or feed them as such. They only try to end the conflicts between the two flamers. They are deemed 'better' than the minimods, and are less of a nuisance.

Timeline of this group:

When the owner had only himself in the group:

Jupiterism had only himself in the group, so he had some more people in the group later on, with the highest amount of members being probably 5. Later on, it got -3 members in the group, making a total of only 2 members in the group, as there are currently only 2 members in the group.

How to join (in the early times of this group):

To join, you must copy the look of Prison_Shanked. You do not need to have the hat, as you can have any green hat. (Including the Slime Wings and Slime Fedora). Afterwards, you must message Jupiterism, it's Grandmaster. Members in the OT Ninjas are considered 'Servants of Jupiterism' or 'Jupiterism's Servants'.

Ending of this group:

Jupiterism got removed from the group as owner, and, as well as Jupiterism not being on the group OT Ninjas right now. He might join the group again later. The person that had probably hacked the group as to only having 2 members is probably Rainbow3094. Because of the group message: "pwnt". According to the text after the username Rainbow3094, that group message had been posted on 4/28/2016 11:08:30 PM. With "PM" being any time zone, as I don't know what time zone that was posted on, because of Earth's various time zones. The group could have been hacked before 4/28/2016, because of what Jupiterism had posted in the commentary of this page, 14 days ago, with 14 days ago not being 4/28/2016, but rather on 4/18/2016, according to Microsoft's Windows 10 Date Calculator, from 5/2/2016 to 14 days ago (aka 4/18/2016). The ally of this group is Green man group, which is owned not by the aforementioned Rainbow3094, but, rather owned by cruzymudwolf. Rainbow3094 mentioned the Green woman group, on 4/17/2016 2:14:38 PM. The Green woman group is owned by Meachair. The group, OT Ninjas, has probably been desolated for a while, either a temporary while, or, a perpetual while. There could be a negotiation, but it is unknown, probably for most of us, at least.

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