The OT Presidential Campaign 2016 was an OT event.

Winner: OTSpookySkeleton

It started at Fadious's large enclosed area party, when poor_choices suggested that Fadious run for president. It was then that Fadious released a video announcing his candidacy to the Forums , and poor_choices made a thread to nominate people for the election.

The first round is finished, where the bottom half will be eliminated. The second round determines the final two candidates for the last round. Several campaign posters have been made, all for Fadious.


First Round Status

In the Other party, OTer SocialistSanders made it ahead of user MisterFartBags.

In the Social Order Party, two moderators were nominated, Legoseed and InceptionTime. Legoseed took the lead.

In the Extended OT Party, Slydexia had a slight lead ahead of dj_shadow.

In the OT Party, OTSpookySkeleton overtook Fadious as the frontrunner, and they constantly went back and forth between frontrunners. Poor_choices and talkbar were at the very bottom, having less than 10% of the votes total.

It was predicted Fadious and OTSpookySkeleton would make it to the secondary election, along with legoseed, SocialistSanders and Slydexia.

Second Round Status

The people that were predicted to make it to this round made it to this round. Those not belonging to the OT party were placed in an other party section.

Third Round Status

In this round, Fadious was appointed Vice President, and is eligible to ascend to president, or run again.

The final showdown is between legoseed and OTSpookySkeleton.

"Due to the obvious outcome of the OT elections, it appears that Fadious will not win, so I have appointed him as vice president.

As the manager of this, I declare that, if the incumbent president goes out of power for whatever reason, the vice president rises up to president, but only with a vote with at least 17.88% of voters expressing support for this ascension."


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