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The OT Referrals incident is thought to be a plan made by RPers wanted to troll OTers by making accounts of them. The first victim was AhhTree, who received a referral from "Blahtree". Soon after, more OTers were getting referred.


Many more alts were (and still are) being made. Some OTers began joining in too, thinking it was the work of an OTer. Several troll alts were made about OTers and those wanting referrals.

Currently known referrals/"parody alts"

  • AhhTree: Blahtree,
  • TheColorOfDubstep: TheCoIorOfDubstep, TheColor0fDubstep, TheCoier0fDubstep,
  • Solman123/Permille: soiman123
  • Dashtechbeat- Bashtechmeat
  • Bloxxseen : Craftssean,Blockssean,Fartsean,Vamplier
(Add yourself and your referrals to the list if you care.)

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