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OT V.S Clothes Copier July 2015 had started with one thread talking about a clothes copier, the clothes copier was known as xxKaitlyn . The creator of the thread was known as Pepperoncini, The thread can be seen here: . Soon after, lolboyxx sent a message to xxKaitlyn to inform her of such a thread existing.

Earlier, It was just 4 pages, only before suddenly xxKaitlyn came posting how she doesn't care, and how the mods won't care either. She also did some "#TeamKaitlyn" and "#TeamHaters".

Admiting to have copied clothes, OT attacked xxKaitlyn and demanded her to delete the clothes or they would spam report her. She did as told, but hasn't deleted any clothes as many pointed out. They spam reported her, one had even gotten their IP.

Many people were a part of this, few being on TeamKaitlyn, lots on TeamHaters. A video was even made of xxKaitlyn and multiple others attacking the clothes copier. Three dedicated OTers rose to the challenge of taking down xxKaitlyn. (Halo5307, Historyrocks321/Historyrocks123). Video seen here:

Some said she was deleting clothes at 6:10 PM. Some said she hasn't deleted clothes yet, but everyone will remember this giant fight against one clothes copier. Some say it's over now, some say it's still on.

A source has been confirmed and it is clear that lolboyxx has first notified xxKaitlyn about the thread.

In the end she deleted her clothing canceled her BC, and posted about it on the thread, she even supposedly quit, as can be seen on her profile, After that white knights continued to defend her while OT celebrates their victory. Many users have been banned since this started, such as:

historyrocks321- account terminated

Pepperoncini- 3 day ban

There is no word on if Unkown has been banned or not. Mysteriously, halo5307 was not banned either (not even a warning seriously folks idk what happended)

Edit: The thread has now been Content Deleted. Thanks a lot you dumb white knights- Oh, sorry.

Edit: This is Pepperoncini, the original poster of the thread. The thread has been content deleted, and is now removed completely.

Screenshot 2015-07-31 20.54.25

We are the champions, my friends...


Written by ThursdayTruffle , a.k.a FemaleGuest666

Thread by Pepperoncini

Edited by Halo5307

Video by Halo5307

historyrocks321 by historyrocks123 THREAD: (Deleted)


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