During the early summer days of June 2015, rumors circulated that the well-known Starbucks group on ROBLOX was illegally making profit using the DevEx system because they had used official logos and names without giving credit to the Starbucks Corporation. What seemed to be a joke turned into a full-fledged scandal between Cyrogenix and the OT community over the "misconduct."

Many stated that because ROBLOX watches over every group and owns them, they can delete or enforce to rename the group if copyright infringements were found, which is what happened.

The legal battle peaked when some ROBLOX moderators told Cyrogenix in a post that they will investigate the group and latest activities. This was a small victory for OT. Cyrogenix claimed he was innocent and never made money off of it, but it was found he had used it on a secret alternate account that is unknown as of August 4th, 2015. Also, during the events, OTers made petitions to delete the group, one of them reaching nearly 8,500 signatures.

In the early morning hours on August 4th, it was revealed the group had been [Content Deleted] and was forced to rename and redo the groups within 24 hours. This event has never grabbed so much attention from not just OT, but from moderators, RT, ATR, and many other forums/groups that were against it.

TheVideoGamePlayer, on 8/6/15, provided more evidence over the illegal acts of Starbucks, and recieved an email from the Starbucks admins saying that they will "terminate all involved." This event reignited the discussion over the incident.

Today, it was considered that the event is one the largest-- if not THE LARGEST-- copyright-related event in ROBLOX's 10+ year history as being in existence (excluding the lawsuits of LEGO vs. ROBLOX of 2007 and Cinemark vs ROBLOX of 2016 ).

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