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How It Started

It began on the day of July 16th, 2015, when user budderfishman007 hosted a OT party. After a few stops, they raided RSF. However, budderfish's little brother, who is in RSF, told a high rank in the group. This HR then proceeded to alert the clan. User CreepyWriter made a thread, telling OT to "Raid RSF".

The Raid

Once the raid had started, the HR reset the match because OT caught the terminal before the raid was official. This caused some OTers to flame RSF, thus getting kicked or banned. Later, RSF started crashing members of OT. This caused OT to go up in flames, because crashing can allegedly damage your computer. This also caused OT to spam stuff like "RSF IS A CORRUPT CLAN".

OTers at the raid reported seeing members of RSF use glitches to their advantage, such as wall shooting, but there is no actual proof of this. Some OTers tolds the HR's about this and tryed to get the supposed wall shooters banned, but one responded with "Were is the fun in that?". This caused a lot of OTers to quit. The remaining OTers tried to bump the thread, but nobody would join. About 50 minutes into the raid, it was clear that OT would not win. OT then gave up, resulting in a RSF victory.

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