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How It started

It started on the day of July 16th, 2015 when user budderfishman007 hosted a OT Party Bus. Their first stop was RSF's (ROBLOX Special Forces) Fort Clypeus.

OTer kart345 made a thread telling everyone to raid RSF, but only one RSF member joined. This resulted in a OT victory. During the fighting, a user who claimed he was from RAT said he will help the OTers. After he gained the OTers' trust, the supposed RAT (Roblox Assault Team) member told the OTers that a group named Electro Legion called the OTers idiots, so OT agreed to raid EL.


Once the OTers joined the EL's base, EL started gaining backup. OTer kart345 made another thread telling OT to "Raid EL". Soon, OT found out that the user that told them to raid EL was from EL, and tricked OT to attack them. Thinking that EL will win against OT, the user then told OT that EL was allied with RSF, hence why EL tricked OT into attacking them.

The Raid and EL's Spawnkilling

OT tried to win, but EL kept spawnkilling. OT even got RT to help, but the OTers could do virtually nothing. After about 20 or so minutes of fighting, EL gave up and kicked all the OTers, thus resulting in a OT victory.

Major Incidents & Raids
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