On 12/23/14, a second OTermination day came to be when a minimod known as earthyearth74 came to OT and started mass reporting threads - Earthy oddly wasn't banned, however he did receive a warning. Several OTers were banned - Many were even terminated.

Affected Users

OTer Moderation Action
Akrylix Unknown
FurryFunk 1 Day
81U 3 Day
CyanideCyanMeeM 1 Day
7589045 Unknown
AhhTree 1 Day
iiNerdii 7 Day
historyrocks123 1 Day
xThisIsUltraPwning Termed
MangleTheAnimatronic Termed
FiurryFunk Termed
TooDirtyForYou Termed
WrongbearPK Termed
TheCrapGuest Termed
LilRobEZ Termed
iMrDuck Termed
Snoxx Termed
ultrawolf3022 Termed
AhhRock Termed
Aerocreator Termed
Nascarfan3 Termed

Known Mini-Mod Attackers

  • earthyearth74
  • Craytude
  • StairwayToHeaven2
  • Bloxtrot
Major Incidents & Raids
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