Starting at around 11:20 AM GMT/7:20 AM EST on April 5th 2016, innocent threads started getting deleted for no reason. Baconite and FlaminMetal were banned and straight after ToySackboyLBP2 was also affected, many alts were banned soon after. This happened a few hours after all of halo5307's accounts started getting banned, although it is possible these events are purely coincidental.

During this time, many OTers were constantly posting threads telling others to get to the bunker. However, these threads were all deleted before anybody could see them, and only 7 OTers made it.

Since there was no sign of minimods, OTers suggested moderator dapperbuffalo may have gone on a banning spree instead.

Affected Users

OTer Moderation Action Additional Notes
Baconite Seven-day ban
FlaminMetal Seven-day ban
zyx Terminated PGed by DominusTrex
Shoplifting One-day ban Alt of Baconite
CinemaPopcorn One-day ban Alt of Baconite
664 Three-day ban
ToySackboyLPB2 Three-day ban Three-dayer on two accounts, three warnings in total
Astrain1 Fourteen-day ban Appealed, changed to a warning
Jadaprimus Terminated Alt of Astrain1
matty010 One-day ban
FoxyThePirate Warning Alt of Baconite, received 5 warnings
Rarest_Pepe One-day ban
e_o Warning Alt of 664
JayZeroFive Three-day ban Alt of TheJayZeroFive
gm_construct One-day ban Alt of Baconite
energyguygood Three-day ban
iLoveScience1337 Three-day ban
alternateantonio Three-day ban
fbg_nhn Terminated
MrButtheadOfOT Three-day ban Received a warning a few hours prior to receiving a one-day ban.
Cesela Seven-day ban
Pucs Three-day ban
Score_Under One-day ban Alt of Baconite
Admin_Moderator Terminated Alt of Baconite
Halo5307 Five-day ban Was 2 days in to a three-dayer, and then received another three-dayer for posting on alts.
boatye Terminated Received a warning, then a 3-day ban, then terminated. Alt of Halo5307.
clevarbot Terminated Alt of Halo5307
backlight Terminated Received a one-day ban, then was terminated. Alt of Halo5307.
gamedude9 Three-day ban Alt of Halo5307
pwnstation One-day ban Alt of Halo5307
epicalnezz Three-day ban Alt of Halo5307
TaurusReborn Warning
GreenieGuest One-day ban
CasperTheGhost7 Seven-day ban
Slurpeguy Terminated
JaredEpicF1Star Terminated
Naan_Bread Terminated Alt of JaredEpicF1Star
Nokia_lumia Terminated Alt Of JaredEpicF1Star
2016_er Three-Day Ban Alt Of JaredEpicF1Star
3DSPuppy Warning

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