The OT City/Metro Area, or simply "The Big One", is a massive building project started by thelegoboy8732489, first announced March 18th, 2016. The Big One is a combined area of cities which include The project has been canceled.
  • OT City (largest city)
  • RT City (second largest)
  • ATR City (third largest)
  • ODerville
  • Fort C&G
  • Dealer Hills
  • Sportsville
  • S&I Town

Thelegoboy8732489 is currently working on ODerville and Fort C&G, you can find the game here

On March 19th, 2016, TaurusReborn (thelegoboy8732489's best friend and fellow developer) Announced he will help thelegoboy8732489 build OT City Metro.

The Towns/Cities of The Big One

This is the place where you can find information about the towns and cities of The Big One

Fort C&G

Fort C&G is a war torn city where you can find crime, poverty, unemployment, gangs, street violence, you name it. The city has plans to build a border around them, to keep the people inside and others out. The city's mayor is a corrupt dictator, who cares not much about the people who live there. He controls everything in Ft C&G.

ATR City

ATR City is the most safest city in The Big One. There are very strict laws, making it very rare for crime to happen. The city has a crime rate of 0%. The residents there are considered friendly, but act terrible towards newcomers.

Dealer Hills

District with low tax income with very rich people (LMaDers) and always want your money, limiteds, and just scam you most of the time. Most homes here are Mansions.

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