The Off Topic Incidents page was created to note down occurrences that has caused [at least] some minor, or major turmoil and disturbance in the OT sub-forum. Incidents here include, but are not limited to conspiracies, flame wars, and extremely disturbing content. Some of these incidents from OT itself has changed the ROBLOX Forum rules, which are listed as "[MAJOR]". This page is so famous that it was mentioned on OT numerous times and was well known to even the newest OTer.

Alternatively, raids on other places or groups that OT started are documented on Off Topic Raids.

NOTICE: New incidents may no longer be added.

Incident Pages

These pages are formatted similarly to the OT Incidents/Raids page, and are treated like major incident pages. These pages summarize and explain multiple major and minor incidents that are related, instead of adding them all to this page.


Note: These incidents are NOT in chronological order.

TheCrazyRavioli vs Litemare

On an Off Topic thread made by TheCrazyRavioli, Litemare posted on the thread accusing TheCrazyRavioli as a "attention seeking, post farming brat who no one likes" Many people argued with Litemare, including TheCrazyRavioli, who got offended the most.The thread broke out in a 16 page flame war until eventually being deleted.

BritainsGotTalent vs. ForumGame

In April 2014, BGT called out "ForumGame" as a spamming, post farming ODer on her "Rate The ROBLOXian Above You" thread. Not long the thread was deleted and "ForumGame" got a 3 day ban. After ForumGame was unbanned she was terminated a week later but appealed successfully to get her account back. Then a week later, BGT was terminated after it was believed somebody sent an email to ROBLOX on wanting his account closed. But "ForumGame" seems to only be posting when BGT is offline. Now, ForumGame is active from time to time and BGT is active on Twitter.

The Bunny Incident

On an OT Chatroom, a user named bunnywumpkins started to strip. IDTalk (now MuffledSpeech) responded to the girl by insulting her. This upset Bunnywumpkins and lead to her starting to self-harm herself live on camera - this caused OT to go up in arms. One side supported IDTalk in her decision to mock Bunny for stripping, while the other side flamed IDT for being rude. The hysteria eventually ended and is not really brought up now. Rumors about an ongoing investigation on the incident by the FBI were created when user Intent posted threads about how he got a fax from the FBI. This included the FBI seal, but OTers soon proved it as a hoax.

Wesboy Incident [MINOR]

The Wesboy incident occured on the 4th of April, 2015. It started when Lamp89 posted a thread about how he told Wesboy to kill himself. OT soon began to question him, which caused wesboy to threaten ddos'ing oters. This made OT go up in flames. OT went to his personal server to grief and harass him until he suddenly snapped. He then decided to announce he was quitting ROBLOX. But shortly after, he got his clan to raid OT, then becoming a private account. Coincidentally, the original poster, Lamp89 was given a 2 week ban, which changed to a deletion, was given on the 5th of April, however not related to the incident. Following the incident, Lamp89 used joinerman as his new main.

The 'Next Level' Site History Incident

NOTICE: There is a page for this incident itself with more detailed information, including "The Next Level" and the video of the pornograhic-related history. You can see it here, but please be advised of the information given.

During a Twitch livestream of ROBLOX's The Next Level show, the history on the PC had shown a link to a porn site. The scene, which went quickly unnoticed for a small amount of time, erupted in the forums as something to mock the Administrators with. OT, RT, ATR, C&G, & GC were the main forums that burst open the scene. Screenshots were made available through imgur, and re-uploads of the video were taken down by ROBLOX. ROBLOX has not given an explanation for this and began banning those who mention the incident, yet it is possible that anything related with pornography shouldn't be discussed, even if a mod is involved.

StickMasterLuke Conspiracy

On a video that administrator StickMasterLuke was featured in, his desktop showed programs and icons named strangely. One was suspiciously titled, and it read "coped place". Another had a vulgar word on it. The reaction was smaller than the Next Level Incident but still carried a big curious question for the Administrators.

OTermination Day / Sack Of OT

A regular day in OT turned awry as threads were deleted fast and users were terminated quickly, rather than being given the usual one day ban or warning. Users were deleted and many others were given bans for protesting and more. It was believed that this banning spree was caused by richiesan - an old, hated minimod, or Hawkington, a new mod at the time.

List of banned users:

  • skunkycat - Account Deleted
  • oucheys - Account Deleted
  • RobloSamus (EarthboundFTW's old main) - Account Deleted
  • iBlackhat (now JordanMilne) - Account Deleted
  • richmamne - Banned For 1 Day, then terminated
  • ShotgunLogic (RobloSamus Alt) - Banned For 1 Day
  • EarthboundFTW (RobloSamus new main) - Banned For 1 Day
  • JoshTheTiger3444 - Banned For 1 Day
  • SkunkySammich (skunkycat alt) - Account Deleted
  • EarnSomeRespect - 3 dayer
  • Yotroll - IP Ban
  • EarnSomeRespect2 (EarnSomeRespect Alt) - Deleted but got it back
  • EmpressHU - 7 dayer
  • sparky4679 (EmpressHU alt) - 7 dayer
  • zanderich - 7 dayer
  • Goomba4444 (now Captain Falcon) - Account Deleted
  • Nehmeawad12 (Inploded's old main) - Deleted
  • Flunken - 1 dayer (possibly)
  • icrazy789- 1 dayer
  • Strikeout8 - 3 dayer
  • Laval1209 - Banned For 1 Day
  • mcgoodrexeturer - Account Deleted
  • NASCARfan1110 - Account Deleted (raceman6743's alt)

Boring's Wave of Quitting

Off Topic forumer Boring made a thread explaining why he was quitting. This saddened OTers because Boring was a great forumer, and one of the veterans. In the thread he explained how OT was extremely sinful, and the thread was deleted due to extreme religious views and flame wars. This caused other quitting threads, real and fake, which have stopped.

ATR/RT raid of OT

In the morning of 5/31/2015, A possible RTer alt posted a thread in RT (thread now deleted), about he wants RT to raid the OT wikia, JeGagneVousPerdez made a thread which had the link to the "Raid the OT Wikia" thread, it got OTers attention who posted on the "raid the OT wikia" thread (now deleted), it escalated to a flamewar on the 2 subforums, he caused damage to the wikia which eventually got reverted, and then soon after tried to get ATR to raid which failed, he later stated that "we fell for bait".

The Cyan War

This happened when a radical feminist named Cyanmare created a thread posting her views on Feminism - which wasn't really about feminism. The thread said that men are not equal to women, and showed much hate on males and more praise for females. This resulted in a flame war, which got users banned in the process.

The ilovemom Farting Spam

This occurred during the summer of 2013, when user ilovemom11111 thought of a joke: to make accounts with farting references in the usernames and spam OT with fart-related threads. Surprisingly, ilovemom wouldn't give up and did this for nearly the entire summer, while making little appearances during the fall-winter. OTers argue whether ilovemom is an alt or not, and who is behind it.

The Deputy Marshal Incident

One day in the OT chatroom, a user entered named deputy_us_marshal_mark_elder . He told everyone they were breaking the law and there would be consequences. There was panic in OT that if true, the subforum would get shut down. Several people who were in the chatrooms received emails from the U.S. Marshal Service about upcoming consequences. This turned out to be fake.

The HelloSlackers Incident:

On the evening of July 10th, a girl named HelloSlackers posted a hate message to the haters. She then posted a YouTube video CLAIMING to be Jessi Slaughters, another incident in 4chan. The forums went up in arms, flaming her thread. Soon, some OTers began to claim that she was trolling.

The RedGold spam fest

Around March of 2015, user "RedGold" started botting on OT phrases like "Hi", "10/10" and "This is why I love OT". This led to a series of spambots, including 4FB, to spam identical phrases across threads. This lead to certain OT'ers becoming annoyed as because in less than 8 hours, RedGold had accumulated 2,000 posts.

The Supposed /b/ Raiding Incident

On a late night in July 15th, threads in OT suddenly changed to stuff about 4chan, apparently, someone posted in /b/ about raiding ROBLOX and people on it agreed, the raiding however, failed, OT freaked out and thought it was the end pretty much before it was supposedly revealed to be an inside job.

Noentrywillstay Incident

At about 1-2 o'clock of June 8, 2014 a user named "Noentrywillstay" partied OTers for about an hour straight and pasted the following words into the party: I hope you sleep well tonight, because tomorrow you're gonna wake up in a wooden chair in a cold basement. Most OTers were scared but the next day, and numerous OTers posted threads saying Haha! I'm in my bed and I'm fine!

The Akrylix-Dtownboy Flames

On July 22nd Akrylix said that he had a new girlfriend and added a sarcastic ending. Both RT and OT did not take this lightly and flamed Akrylix and soon Dtownboy PA'ed Akrylix with many flamewars to the point that Akrylix said he was leaving. This sprung another intense flamewar. Eventually the flamewar lasted for 20 pages before they both made-up and apologized to each other. After this, Akrylix said he was staying.

The ATR and OT Raidings

On July 24, in the morning, OT and the sub-forum known as All Things ROBLOX began arguing. ATR thought OT was F5 bombing them even though some 'fire starter' made a F5 bot. The ATR Community was outraged and began filling OT with threads involving war and raiding. This was silly to OT as they were very aware that sub-forums cannot engage in war. ATR users began ignoring the logic and continued to post idiotic threads. OT retaliated by flaming with ATR on their sub-forum. This ended as the Mods awoke and began deleting page stretchers on both sub-forums.

Akrylix's Doxings

On July 27th just 5 days after the Akrylix vs. Dtownboy incident. A user named "AkrylixIsAnAss" leaked his REAL info. He leaked his number, address, IP, family names, location, etc. OT then threatened Akrylix to stop being an ass or they will DDoS him. This all ended with AkrylixIsAnAss's thread being deleted and so was the account. Akrylix then said he would call the FBI for this.

The Nick Weaver Incident

On July 29, OT raged about Twitter pictures leaked showing a Skype conversation between "Nick Weaver" and OTer iFloral. Nick Weaver was asking for nude pictures of iFloral, but she refused. Another leaked conversation showed iFloral discussing the incident with a friend. They came to the conclusion that they should report him. It was rumored that Nick claimed he would have PokemonEeevee strip for him. She didn't, and everyone thought Nick Weaver was OTer WinVariable. It was soon concluded that he wasn't WinVariable. It was another person trying to get him terminated. The only thing he succeeded in was dividing OT over the situation.

The Ebola Freakout

On July 27, 2014 OT freaked out over the disease known as Ebola. Ebola is a disease which causes the blood from the body to come out of every pore. It has a 90% chance of fatality and there is no cure. It was known that two Americans in Africa were infected with Ebola. For the next few days, rumors and jokes were made about Ebola, such as it spreading to Germany, Hong Kong, and more. OTers have even played the popular game Plague Inc. and named their disease "Ebola". This was around the time when user DapperNarwhal started frequenting OT. He often helped educate people on the disease, given his background in Epidemiology.

The iDoged Incident

On August 1st, 2014, iDoged made racist threads on OT, soon majority of OT hated iDoged and in a desperate attempt to gain his reputation back, he said that he was "Trolling" and it was a "Joke". Eventually he was banned for 7 days and got on his alt, and now he thinks that the majority of OT is idiots because they can't take a joke.

Metalshadow455 impersonates LeatherIceCream

User metalshadow455, now a slightly-famous OT'er, started off with a huge controversy with him vs. GammaGeek and 2 other OTers. He had claimed he was a famous YouTuber known as LeatherIceCream, and falsified Images of comments he supposedly made of him saying "Hi OT" or "Haider OT!" using inspect element. However, a search of leather's videos found out that these comments were nowhere to be found, and metalshadow455 had quit OT from August until December.

The LMaD/OT Dispute [MINOR]

On the night of August 15, an OTer made a thread mocking the neighboring sub-forum LMaD. LMaDers soon showed up with the 'LMaD Internet Defense Squad' and began to flame OT, using insults such as poor. OT retaliated by going to LMaD. This all died later.

'The colethegamefan incident [MINOR]'

On 10-18-2014, a person called colethegamefan posted topics in OT. Topics were about things OT hates, and every word was capitalized. Most OTers took this as a troll, though some thought she is demented/is suffering a mental illness. It is unknown, if between the time colethegamefan got banned, or just didn't post. On 23rd August, 2014, colethegamefan posted in OT again. But this time, OT took this seriously. Some people posted "OH NO, SHE IS BACK!" and other people mocked her. When wazap mocked colethegamefan, she got enraged. OT quickly calmed down after then.

'OT Royale [MINOR]'

OT Royale was a Super Smash Bros-like fighting game featuring various OTers as the fighters. It was supposedly made in the Unity engine and was made by a team of four: MasterPislice (Ieatbabiesfordinner at the time, was the lead developer and director), Boynedmaster, SanctuaryGuardian64 (ShadowMorel at the time), and CruiserTetron. After a while, the game's director MasterPislice got fed up with OT and released a rant saying that OT Royale was simply an experiment to see how bad OT really was and wasn't really being made, this rant however, was completely false as it was later confirmed by him that OT Royale was actually being made and he was just butthurt. A few weeks later MasterPislice returned with a new mockup of the game stating that it's back, and it was met with hype. After a lot of announcements of the game got made, Litemare and a couple other OTers started flaming MasterPislice and the game was soon canceled. A year later, MasterPislice said that the game was not canceled, it was just not OT themed anymore.

Original Kool OT Klan Deletion

The clan was started as a parody of a war clan for OTers to join for the clan wars. It was owned originally by Akrylix and as it was evolving, OT began despising it. They flamed Akrylix, as well as calling the clan a joke for wannabe's to join. The clan was passed on to ImminentDoom, and though getting hate from big names like the Dream Team, they would stand. On September 7th 2014, shortly after the clan battles, Kool OT Klan was deleted. The cause of its deletion was from a guy named "Spitfire1111111" who Akrylix made an admin. Spitfire then uploaded t-shirts that the mods thought inappropriate that were all CD'd. Soon the group was locked and then later deleted. The owner Akrylix was given a 7 dayer.

Kool OT Klan Deletion #2 and the Termination of ImminentDoom

After the deletion of the original Kool OT Klan, ImminentDoom made a new one as he found nothing bad about the old one. It was named Kool OT Klan: Revamped. On January 19, 2015, Kool OT Klan: Revamped was CD'ed and the owner ImminentDoom terminated for bad timing, as he was at the time in his 6th day of a 7 day ban. The mods have refused multiple times to address why the group is bad and have banned a few of ImminentDoom's alts for calling them out on it. Finally, as ImminentDoom found out when PMing DapperBuffalo after many tries, it was because of the word 'Klan.' Hence the Ku Klux Klan, his ban was not appealed, though there was no evidence for the ban on the mod note. He was able to transfer his remaining OBC to jarednotanoob, where he currently resides.

The Badfitz100 Incident

One day, a user called Badfitz100 commented on a YouTube video, and another user thought the comment was directed towards them. This user found out Badfitz's personal info by going through sites like DeviantArt and Facebook, and then putting out his home address, school, etc. Someone then linked the said video to OT, showing a large amount of OT where Badfitz lives. It's currently unknown if the thread was deleted.

The 24 hour "Extra Life" ROBLOX Stream incident

During the 24-Hour Livestream, the ROBLOX Staff forgot to turn off the sound during the breaks and proceeded to say swears and offensive things. Jackssmirkingrevenge, Jackintheblox, and 2 other females (Most likely ReeseMcBlox and BrightEyes) started talking how about how "nobody gives a fuck about their department" and that "David doesn't care what they do", as shown when Jack 1 or Jack 2 says "David come upstairs and we're all eating pizza and he doesn't care". If you listened later into the stream, you could also hear one of the Jacks say "John should come up here and drink beer with us.", revealing that that they were in fact drunk during this period of time. Alan got fired, Alan's firing resulted in a mass havoc in the forums and any post that was on Alan was CD'ed. Even more admins were suspected of their admin removals, and b1t got admin removed too, that's why C&G went mass havoc. Some people claimed to have heard the word "Toke" and "Dubie", both being references to marijuana, however, these were false.

The Off Topic Revolution

On March 21st, 2015, a moderator named Dapperbuffalo posted on a quitting thread telling a user to "stop being an attention seeker", which was considered bullying. The thread was deleted.This resulted in many OTers posting many threads about a revolution and created numerous alternative accounts filterpassing and insulting dapper. A user named Herkamuhr created a group for this revolution and most of the users in the group were either given bans, or terminations. Dapperbuffalo continues to abuse his moderation powers, and many are still rebelling against him.

December 12th 2014 Banning incident [Minor]

A person called expertredditor started posting about how her life bad is, etc. People started PAing her, so she (or he) then started reporting people. Gordonrox24 came and banned a few people. He also banned for other reasons, like posting a Minecraft server advertisement thread. Later the same day, a mod reportedly was on another banning spree. Who was banned in the other banning spree, is unknown. List of bans: Bloxmaster7777 (3 days) Surfandturf (1 day) Slingshot11 (1 day) ilga (3 days) This list may be updated by everyone.

OTermination 2|OTermination Day #2 / Sack of OT #2

On 12/23/2014, a minimod known as earthyearth74 caused multiple OTers to get terminated. The OTers banned include, but are not limited to:

  • xThisIsUltraPwning - Terminated
  • AhhTree
  • Akrylix
  • MangleTheAnimatronic (Terminated)
  • SevenZippers (Terminated)
  • 7589045 - 3 dayer
  • LilRobEZ - Terminated
  • TheCrapGuest - Terminated
  • blazedpotatoe - 7 dayer
  • WrongbearPK - Terminated
  • TooDirtyForYou (JKJK1276's alt)- Terminated
  • CyanideCyanMeeM (1 day)
  • TeamTokensWarrior/Snoxx
  • aerocreator (Terminated)
  • AhhRock (Terminated)

There were also several OTers that got a warning, or got banned for one day/a week, and some were even terminated.

BuildIntoGames Flame War

On December 28th, semi-famous builder and scripter BuildIntoGames began flaming "Murder" game re-creators (besides the infamous loleris) such as Taymaster and after confronting Off Topic, began flaming it and calling it "ODer-filled". OTers retaliated by flaming BuildIntoGames on ROBLOX and Twitter. OTers and Taymaster somehow worked together to shatter BuildIntoGames's reputation, which would have been whole in the first place if he hadn't started it. Key evidence include a thread and a tweet by Taymaster.

Brony Invasion of RT

Plotted by Bloxxseen . On February 1st 2015, a user in RT named "NutellaNatures" spammed RT with pony threads. As the arguing began to rise, NutellaNatures asked for the aid of other bronies. She claimed she was discussing My Little Pony with her friends. After some time, users began claiming that the bronies were sent from OT. While OTers who were online at the time were confused, users began begging them to take the bronies back. As the "invasion" infected itself into OT, Moderators began banning multiple users.

The CuteGirl Incident

The chatroom was pretty full when a user by the name of CuteGirl arrived and started making lewd requests of lesbian porn, when the rest of the chatroom denied her requests in disgust she started broadcasting and began twerking in her underwear, some OTers wanted her to continue but the rest started to worry if the chat would be pulled down. Another user in RT posted nudes of the girl on the subtle sub-forum. Controversy rang out as there was a dispute to see if the pictures were legal or not and if the police were going to get involved.

The Carson3003 Incident

On the 25th of February 2015, the OTer named "carson3003" admitted on a thread that he has seen real Child Pornography on a .onion URL (a Tor-hosted Deep Web site). An amount of OTers noticed this because of GuestsLovePizza's spamming threads about it. A lot of OTers (since they noticed) started sending messages to the FBI about this case (including ROBLOX thread URL). Carson's account was terminated, and a rumor that is going around on OT is that he might go to jail. It is still unknown if he is going or not. Some OTers say that he is going to jail, and others don't. However, he may be residing on an alt called carson3003b after the termination.

Brightgreenrlz Twitch channel attack

On March 1, 2015, OT hosted a party at The Squares soon after a user named "Brightgreenrlz" joined along with some friends live streaming on Twitch. OT decided to attack his Twitch channel. OT followed him to Ripull's Minigames where they PA'ed him. Soon after ROBLOX YouTuber, Faave got in on the action but was banned from the Twitch along side multiple OTers. OTers kept following them and attacking them until Bright and his friends gave up.

The ZainyBrainy2003 Incident

On 3/3/2015, A user by the name ZainyBrainy had decided that OT was making a meme out of him. Enraged, he claimed he was going to contact ROBLOX. This caused a mass wave of threads based on Zany, such as "petition to gas zany" And "Zany, come inside my shower.". After a while, a forumer named Slycone made a thread called: "Get to the bunker!". There was a link to the place "OT bunker.". Almost every active OTer was their, such as Slycone himself, Kickbuttjdog, BaymaxROBLOX etc. After a while, Zany himself came to the bunker! OTers started running around and hiding on the roof in an attempt to flee.

The iDashingRainbow and HTSVision conflict

In late 2014, a brony claimed to be an old OTer, which soon was proven fake. HTSVision and Mevartal mainly led him to get out fully, leaking IP addresses, which were soon fake IP's just to threat.

In 2015, he came back again and he caused LOTS of trouble by creating alts and posting pony threads, along with raiding places with pony shit. While HTS was busy, there was a new OT Courtroom which had iDashingRainbow win because the defense (d4rk) proved he was innocent with theories and convinced the judge cpmoderator12345 (No, he isn't iDashingRainbow's alt). HTS calls this blackmail. He's caused lots of trouble on OT since 2014 and still in HTS's threads attempts to make him mad

'Cyanmare Anti-LGBT Incident [MINOR]'

March 5th, 2015

On 3/5/15, Cyanmare on her account "heyitscyanmare" posted a thread saying "Okay reporting me for mildly flirting is not valid" causing a flame war against her.

Soon after the thread, Paradogma misinterpreted her talking about BritainsGotTalent as LGBT. She had also said she wasn't LGBT, and that the rumor should be killed. Paradogma took this the wrong way and thought she was anti-LGBT.

Paradogma posted a thread after this saying "i had no idea cyanmare was anti-lgbt", making Cyanmare revolt and try to explain she was not anti-LGBT, she just wasn't LGBT herself.

Loleris Flamewar of 2014

On November 3rd 2014, the infamous loleris posted a thread to Off Topic, not realizing what he could have been getting himself into. Loleris had no idea that Off Topic was an entire community of people who mainly disliked him, so he expected people to make maps for his not-yet-released (at the time) game, "Mad Paintball." He titled the thread "Mad Paintball - Map Making Guide" assuming that those who view it would use his guide to create maps for him to put into his game. This thread escalated into a flamewar of OT vs. loleris himself, where numerous times loleris admitted to dropping out of high school, blindly declined any possibility that any one of his games was not completely original, and went so far as to participate in flaming OTers back.

The DevHunt Uproar

March 13th, 2015

On March 13th ROBLOX admins released that there would be a DevHunt. Within minutes ALL of the subforums went to ATR and S&I and began ranting about how they'll leave ROBLOX and that admins are faggots and don't care about ROBLOX anymore. the mods however ignored which then engaged all the forums and mods into battle.

Awkrin's Deletion

March 15th, 2015

On Mother's Day 2015 (15th March 2015), Awkrin was deleted for unknown reasons. People think it was an intern on a rampage, since people were getting banned, warned and deleted on that day.

OTLOL's Porn Spam

March 15th, 2015

On March 15th, 2015, a account known by OTLOL started spamming WHO WANTS TO DOWNLOAD FREE PopcORN? threads. OT thought it was a keylogger, so they started spamming it on the threads. This caused OTLOL to make ANOTHER thread that said "WHO WANTS TO DOWNLOAD SOME FREE P RN!" OT spammed KL numerous times on this one, as well. One OTer said "Mass report this". The link OTLOL was posting went to which is a site where you can make fake download pages for different things, however you don't download anything at all.

There are no more threads about this. The second one is [Content Deleted], and the first one is still up. OTLOL has since been banned from this incident.

thatGirlMaggy's Doxing

March 18th, 2015

On March 18th, 2015 a user named "xXScriptzXx" made a thread titled "Get DoXed maggy". OT then stormed the thread and started ordering pizzas to the phone number (Which in the end ACTUALLY turned out to be a phone company). When Scriptz found this out, He attempted to lie saying he knew it wasn't her IP address or phone address and that the thread was a joke and had OT fooled. OT then told him he is using the "Troll excuse to hide stupidity". The thread was deleted soon after and Scriptz got a warning.

The Off Topic Revolution/Dapper's Deletion Spree

It happened when someone posted a thread testing mods to see if they can ban him whenever they like, also the op was attention seeking, saying that he might quit, then dapper said that he's like a child begging for attention. This sparked a revolt. Herkamuhr created a group supporting the Revolution.

After the attack, Dorito9000 started an OT party. dapperbuffalo entered the party and everyone was following dapper around. This soon got the attention of a member of ROBLOX Watch and he entered the game. Dapper said the word "imouto" (saying other languages in game/on the forums is a bannable offense) in game, meaning he broke the rules and no one really noticed it.

Dorito recorded the whole bunker party and caught dapper saying it (here)

A screenshot of the chat when he said it is here:

Herkamuhr and many other members were banned in the attack, with Herkamuhr getting a week long ban. This image was linked of Dapper supposedly making a perverted edit to someone's username.

List of banned users:

  • Herkamuhr (7 dayer)
  • Partyman533 (Terminated) (This was the name that was changed by Dapper to the perverted username)
  • HoldOsamasHand(Terminated)
  • 3era (1 dayer)
  • jarednotanoob (1 dayer)
  • Awkrin (Terminated)
  • thatGirlMaggy (Terminated) (NOTE: According to maggy, she got deleted due to someone impersonating her parents)
  • Bloxxseen (Warned, Then banned 1 day)
  • Akrylix (1 Dayer)
  • Super79Mario (1 Dayer)
  • DrForce (1 Dayer)
  • Damanius (1 Dayer)
  • Venture0n (Warned)
  • Skyaotic (3 Dayer)
  • MrPony2003 (1 Dayer)

The ATR raid of OT

April 18th, 2015

On the morning of 4/18/15, ATR user Nigagga and other people began "raiding" OT. They began spamming things such as, "ATR > OT." Although this is considered a failed raid and could have been ignored, people claiming to be OTers such as user "Raidorz" retaliated and began spamming ATR. This led to insults and bad comments being exchanged even further from both sides. The raid would die out as Raidorz pronounced himself OT's "war hero", which caused him to get more hate.

'The 'OT vs. RT' Paintball War [MINOR]'

April 19th, 2015

On 4/19/15, an RT user named Cizox challenged OT to a paintball war at a copied version of Miked's 'Ultimate Paintball'. OT obliged, and soon, OT was winning by 1-0. RT then started using abusing the admin abilities and tried to even out the game. The admin abuse included a player freezing and then dying, or simply just being killed for no reason.

LethalUser decided to start teamkilling OT and began spamming "RT ARE A BUNCH OF LOSERS," over and over again. LethalUser then switched to RT and started teamkilling them. OT then got to 3-0, and RT started switching teams to spawnkill OT. OT ended up winning with a final score of 5-0, and RT admitted defeat. Over twenty mixed users of RTers and OTers were involved.

'The "Rich ODer" Conflict [MINOR]'

On 4/19/2015, Alysus posted a thread containing a link to an ODer's profile. The ODer (TheOneForHim), who found the thread, started flaming Alysus, and the others posting on the thread. In addition, she linked the thread on her blurb and proceeded to call people idiots. Eventually, the ODer called in her friends and further flamed the thread, which is longer than 6 pages. The rich ODer does have a boyfriend named "TheOneForHer".

Brandoncult's Deletion

May 2nd, 2015

In the afternoon 5/2/15, BrandonCult's account was deleted while hosting a Not too long after, Waitwhatkitten posted a thread about it, but it was not recognized by OT and deleted.

Later that night, she posted another thread about how the moderators deleted her thread about BrandonCult and warned her, and OT took notice. That thread was also deleted and she got another warning.

The Keylogger Scare

On May 13th, 2015, a thread was made about ROBLOX Forum Enhancer V.2 being a keylogger made by brob. This made users of the extension very paranoid, but brob had no proof of it being a keylogger, other than the fact the extension was released by a player known for stealing accounts. This created a aftershock of everyone thinking ROBLOX+, and various other extensions were also keyloggers.

The Soro's AD spammings

On 5/24/15, the users Rektums, Kimwipe, AnxietyUser, GenerallyItsElectric and Bloxxseen began rapid spamming the Soro's place. At first, OT did not care. When the Soro's guys saw this, they spammed OT in revenge and soon anger was at stake. OTers began attacking and minimodding Soro's supporters. However, Soro's supporters were not banned, and instead, OTers were. Eventually, OTers checked the place and were kicked for abusing, exploiting, hacking, and threats when they didn't, because of this OT raided the place several times, causing the owner of the group to shut the place down multiple times. Eventually, the group owner RotroLovato was informed of the attack and tried to get away with the alts by making himself [ tell the truth]. On 7/1/2016, Soro's attacked OT once again.

Ban Van and Segar's Deletion

On May 18th, 2015, "The Ban Van", a group by Segarslandscaping , was deleted, and Segarslandscaping was terminated. OT made lots of funeral threads.

The "Air Cannon" incident

On May 16th, a user named EpicBloxian3000 made a thread about his group, Air Cannon. A line involved copyright:

Copyrighting Air Cannon is Prohibited, and when a clone group is made. We will attempt to sue it.

Momim10 soon replied, with a comment relating the copyright comment. OT soon went on flames about the copyright part. Some even made fake groups to annoy the person. EpicBloxian kept saying his ROBLOX life is bad, his life is bad, don't annoy me, etc. But people kept annoying him. The thread soon after then reached 13 pages.

Loleris 9/11 Ad Incident

May 31st, 2015

On May 31st of 2015, Loleris made an ad that showed a comic strip of him flying a plane, getting stabbed in the neck, and then proceeding to crash into a building that strongly resembled one of the Twin Towers. Many OT users got riled up about this, and lots of L2D threads were created after this. Gordonrox24 responded to the ad, saying that he has not seen it yet, but to report it if you stumbled across the ad. Later on, he made another inappropriate ad of him slapping hermione's butt (she has no underpants on) was a reference to a animation by OneyNG called "Wingardium Leviosa"

The @nighttimehollow Incident

The @nighttimehollow incident started off with the account xXxPeppaPig420xXx being sexist.

OTermination Day 3

On 6/7/2015, an OT'er (unspecified) made an "l2d = 69" thread, and many hopped on the bandwagon. Soon, after about 15 or 30 minutes, presumably, DapperBuffalo came on, and saw all the threads. It's not known why he did it, but he either, A. Warned the thread maker B. Gave a 1-3 day ban to the thread maker or C. Terminated the thread maker. Any alts made to question the bans were terminated also. As most saw it, at least one reason for ban was adult content, but no offensive body. Some bans were unreasonable.

KewlMan2005 Incident [MINOR]

On Monday, the 8th of June 2015, OT'er Waffle502 posted a thread called "WORST STREAMER EVER LMAOOO IT CANT BE REAL". The streamer in question being KewlMan2005. After a while of joking the streamer started to stream again, the stream being called "Song Requests! Minecraft With Friends". It consisted of 3 kids, all aged around 10, they were all wearing sun glasses. They were talking as if they has autism and even said they had it.

OT then raided the stream, requesting videos like "Allahu Akbar" and "Fred FHRITP" (though youtube). However this was small compared to 'the main event'.

The 'main event' was when an OT'er posted a link to the infamous shock site "meat spin". 3 others then also suggested it after. The kids then clicked on it and after realizing what it was then quickly closed down the tab and started freaking out. One of them even started to partially cry. After around a minute the closed the stream. There were around 25 people watching at that time.

After a while the stream the came back however the trio however the trio kept clicking links including the agor screamer link. They then later on admitted they only pretended to be autistic.

Later on OT'ers started spamming Hitler text art. OT then got one of the kids to draw a Hitler Mustache as well as walk around saying "Heil Hitler".

As of this edit: Twitch has deleted kewlman2005

Julius Coles Doxing incident

Around 2 or 3 times through May and June 2015, OT'er brocolliboy6969 posted an imgur picture containing Julius Coles' address. Every time this happened, it caused a lot of commotion in the forums, while strangely no moderators decided to ban the users sending Julius Cole bibles or pizza. While several users were on board with sending him stuff, several OTers were against the idea, causing controversy.

'MrButtheadofOT vs. Aardbeien/Doxxing of MrButtheadofOT [MINOR]'

On 6/13/15, MrButtheadofOT started making strange posts with things like triforces and the "love hotel emojis". Aardbeien posted on the thread, saying MrButtheadofOT was "failing to be a trashposter." Shortly after that they spammed triforces (Thread Deleted) at each other for no exact reason.

Two hours later, MrButtheadofOT put up his Google+ and YouTube link on his official account. However, the fake street and city didn't show up, so his street address and city was leaked to the public.

The Doxing of Whycat225

On June, 12th, 2015, a girl by the name of Whycat225 made an l2d saying that if it was even, she would post a link to her Facebook page, similar to WaitWhatKitten. Then user DominusAwesomus did a reverse lookup and apparently posted personal info about her on his alt. DominusAwesomus confirmed that he did DDoS her.

Then this thread (Link leads to internal error) emerged where he claimed he's losing sleep, but then Gynophobia said "some of you are still mad for threatening that girl." After that, threads were asking what happened to Whycat225 and people were saying that he stated that he was going to murder her. Then, Gynophobia said that OT should forgive Dominus for his actions. He was thinking about ending it in a message to Gynophobia.

Gynophobia then announced the DominusAwesomus' suicide was a hoax and a script written by Gyno to help him.

Dominus did not commit suicide, and is on the account Funification. He sometimes forums in the account FunificationAlt. Dominus and Whycat made up, and are now slightly friends.

'extremeflames29 PG/deletion [MINOR]'

Extremeflames29 started spamming things that would get him permabanned. When told, that he got Password Guessed, he replied with "nobody can pg this acc smh its 20 characters long and very strong with random words and numbers im doing this in my free fucking will". Some memorial threads were made for him.

'Same Sex Marriage Laws and the Anti-LGBT [MINOR]'

On June 26, 2015, MrButtheadOfOT and Scootalicious made threads that informed OT same-sex marriage had just been legalized throughout all 50 states in the United States. The ruling was 5-4 against same-sex marriage bans. Although everyone on every other media site and community was happy and declared this a major victory in the LGBT Rights/Human Rights Movement, OT had not handled this well.

Threads popped up about how LGBT are scum or bad, most of which were bait. Few threads were actually by people who disliked LGBT and not fishing for replies. This caused flame wars, lots of them. Then, pro-LGBT users on OT assumed that the bait was because of the Bible and God. Pro-LGBT users began making counter-bait threads saying God isn't real and how the Bible was stupid. The Mods arrived and thankfully deleted every thread and banned users.

DominusTrex and 1422 Hijacked Accounts

On June 29, 2015, DominusTrex (apparently a well known phisher) phished a total of 1422 ROBLOX accounts, including new people, and a couple 12'ers and 13'ers mixed in. The Pastebin page was posted to Off Topic by a user. The thread was quickly taken down by mods, and some say that richiesan was involved due to being active on OT around the time of the event. But it didn't end here, more users posted it until many OT'ers knew the URL. The site was then raided and everyone feasted on stolen accounts. The page is still floating around and still has hundreds of vacant accounts if you need any, just ask the right person, and maybe you'll get a link. Or look at DominusTrex's twitter, as that is where he posted the Pastebin URL. Most of these pastes have been deleted.

One of the pastes can be found here : (DELETED)

OTermination Day 4(?)

OTers began getting reported on 6/29/15 by jaxNeverSax, richiesan, fadious and others. Some of the victims weren't even doing anything that was breaking the rules. A big part of this was Tappier's termination. Tappier was seen as a decent forumer to some and an annoying one to others - he got banned because he was making religious threads a few days after same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide.

July 2: The Sequel Incident

On July 2, 2015, a user named Vexlu on C&G posted threads giving links to underage nude pictures of a female (different from Kat & the OT Purge of 2014). This caused the Moderators in C&G to start a holy crusade, terminating C&Gers left and right. Others from C&G went to OT to stay and escape the mass-bannings. The links spread to OT and caused minor-hysteria.

Awesomestrator Video Leaks

On the day of July 9th, 2015, a OTer leaked a video on OT, showing roblox youtuber Awesomestrator getting in trouble by his mom on a skype call, soon after it was uploaded it reached 4chan and people doxxed Awesomestrator, leaking his IP, and house address, now, some OTers think that if enough people leak the video, it will cause the second OT purge or OTermination 5, others think it will spawn a new internet meme like "Ohhh baby a triple" or "GET THE CAMERA MOM". GreedyShedletsky, the person who showed the video to OT, was given a ban, along with 1 other OTer.

REDIVIAN Exposed / The truth behind REDIVIAN

On July 10th 2015, User Zacmaq made a thread saying why he hated REDIVIAN, Shortly after. REDIVIAN Started saying he hated him because of him being the reason the Notorious OT Group "Dream Team" was made. Zacmaq started saying that had nSimothing to with why he made fun of his dead friend, When REDIVIAN was starting to loose the argument he said these words."

I Can make fun of who I want

–- CFlRTER (REDIVIAN) (July 2015)

I'll be a jerk when I feel like it

–- CFlRTER (REDIVIAN) (July 2015)

And REDIVIAN even SAID that he was happy Zacmaq's friend died.

Soon after OTSpookySkeleton put this all in an imgur link and posted it to OT and Continually spammed it until all of OT got it through their heads. Soon after Even OTers who liked REDIVIAN shunned on him. After a while REDIVIAN said he was sorry and soon after he Quit OT and later.. ROBLOX, but then he came back after a few days.

  • Link to his Exposure -

The GCP and the C&G raids

On July 12th, a mysterious user posted a thread on both OT and RT, telling them that "The clans are being forgotten" and the "Global Clan Project" will fix that, and that there will be a "Super Weapon" that will be activated in 24 hours, and anyone that posted on OT or RT within 24 hours with be terminated, after the op was made fun of, he asked C&G to raid OT, most of the C&Gers declined, but a few raided OT, it was unsuccessful, seeing how it barley effected OT at all, After 24 hours, nothing happened and the mysterious user was termed.

C&G July 20th Incident

The C&G July 20th Incident (7/20 Incident) happened when a C&Ger, most likely ISOLAYTOR (on an alt) leaked LeaderOfCrossroads, a female C&Ger. A picture included showed a female holding up her shirt and covering her nipples with one arm while holding a phone and taking a picture with another. The sub-forum went crazy and dispute happened when some forumers began suspecting the pictures were fake. Then, ISO leaked her onto OT. Rumor has it that ISO leaked her to get more people into his group, VOID, as it was known many people were leaving.

OT Vs. xxKatilyn

On July 31st, 2015, a thread was made by Pepperoncini attacking xxKatilyn, a known plagiarizer of clothing. The thread can be seen here: (Deleted)

Admiting to have copied clothes, OT attacked xxKaitlyn and demanded her to delete the clothes or they would spam report her. She did as told, but hasn't deleted any clothes as many pointed out. They spam reported her, one had even gotten their IP.

Many people were a part of this, few being on TeamKaitlyn, the majority on TeamHaters. A video was even made of multiple OTers attacking the clothes copier. Video:

Some said she was deleting clothes. Some said she hasn't deleted clothes yet, but everyone will remember this giant fight against one clothes copier. Some say it's over now, some say it's still on.

Suicide Girl

On August 11th, a 9 year old girl came onto OT, telling them to sub to her Youtube channel, OT then decided to flame and attack her. Then an OTer leaked the IP address of the girl, who then said in the thread that she was considering suicide, OT flamed her more, not caring. OT now refers to her as "Suicide Girl" Since then, many OTers have been disgusted to be called OTers, and have moved to RT. In July of 2016, an unknown user saw her blurb was changed to "GUESS WHOS BACK?" which may show that she might've been a troll.

The LockedServer Hijacked Accounts

On the morning of August 11th, a user known as LockedServer began hijacking random accounts of OTers (it is unknown if he has hijacked accounts of users outside of OT at the moment). He began by hacking RudeSlappy, then Wig113. He has currently sent a threat to TheBinaryWolf after several OTers encouraged him to hijack his account.

Later, it was revealed that some users were not actually hacked and were just pretending to.

Users Banned:

  • NiceSuperLuigi108- One Day Ban
  • LeafMasterDavid- One Day Ban

Thelegoboy8732489 vs xLizzz

Around June 2015, thelegoboy8732489 created a thread explaining how ROBLOX supported online dating with 2 games. One was a game with a thumbnail showing a boy and a girl having a virtual relationship with each other in different ways. He explained how it was OD'ing material and how it should be deleted. The next day, xLizzz responded with a hate message for him. Many OTers began to flame her saying stuff about how she was an OD'er, being butthurt, and more. The whole incident lasted 2 days ending up with thelegoboy getting a warning, xLizzz breaking up with her boyfriend danny, and changing her name to greyliz which has been changed recently to lvzzy.

Tornadohunter36 incident [MINOR]

On August 21st, 2015, OT forum user thelegoboy8732489 posted a thread about a blurb stating he was dying from laughter reading it. He linked a person named tornadohunter36, who was dressed like a stereotypical ODer. Her blurb states "IM A TORNADO HUNTER AND AN ODER HUNTER. ODING IS HIGH AT ITS PEEK THIS YEAR. NO ODERING AROUND ME OR I WILL FREAKING FLIP!" The thread got views quickly. OT then raided her on Sword Fight Competition. The user soon left. OT waited a while till thelegoboy8732489 said she was on The Mad Murderer. After 30 minutes, a few people finally left and OT joined the server. Things quickly got out of hand. She left after 10 - 15 minutes. OT then followed her to Tornado Simulator 3. She got sick of OT following her so she blocked every one of the people participating. thelegoboy8732489 followed her to storm chasers and was admin abused by it's owner. Only 1 person joined but she left before they could troll her. OTSpookySkeleton soon found and reported the thread. However, thelegoboy8732489 got a 1 dayer by telling people a guy was going to ddos people. Tornado's blurb now states "Ok people my account might get deleted thanks to stupid dumbasses who false reported me for odering-a list of people is Snaili -Rude/disrespectful". thelegoboy8732489 quickly became an overnight sensation from the phrase "NO ODERING AROUND ME OR ILL FREAKING FLIP!""

The Ouendan Conspiracy

On August 29th, the user Bloxxseen made an OT funeral place for Ouendan and one of the many users who joined was spt188 who would lead to the debate reaching its point. When the funeral was over, spt188 was determined to find out whether its true Ouendan really did die or if he is still alive and on MaxStirner. The day after August 30, 2015, spt188 posted a thread saying "THREADS THAT PROVE THE OUENDAN CONSPIRACY", which was about Ouendan saying that he has MaxStirner (an alt). The user borROWing said that Max was his brother and everyone went against spt188 and eventually things went out of hand. The user Negativize was on spt188 's side, and tried to take down the debaters. Someone asked Borowng how Max and Ouendan could have the same names if they were brothers. Ouendan said that he can "channel" into his brother Max. It's unknown if this is true or not.

TheLocalGamer vs. Doctorgonzo

Doctorgonzo saw TheLocalGamer in a thread, asking for in-real-lives for research of what OTers look like. Doctorgonzo came in with barbiegirl123123123, DarkImperiator and other OT'ers to spam TheLocalGamer's group wall, all his threads and even the OT forum he made himself with spam, calling him a "cybercreep" and "pedophile". Soon, all of OT was either on one side or the other. Multiple flamewars were made, and even a moderator sided with TheLocalGamer. Multiple OTers were banned.

The 9/4/15 bot raid

On September 4, forum bots started to raid OT and spammed memes. People were very annoyed by it. All the bots were newly registered. A few users went into the OT Bunker to get away from all the forum bots. A few people that attended were TheMajesticForce, LeveIing, slaymequeen and zeldalinklover said that she started to gain more confidence, so she left. She had enough confidence to create a petition to stop the bots. The link is here. zeldalinklover told people to sign it and she thought one day Roblox would help out a little. As of July 23rd 2016, the petition now has 16 supporters.

The Jackson Games Channel Raid and Flame War (Minor?)

On September 6th, KeplersLaws (raceman6743's alternate account) decided to post about a livestream that was including him meeting Shedletsky in-game. The link to the stream was there and nich7 convinced OT to raid the channel. During the stream Jackson Games has harassed for his age and other things, triggering him to make a post threatening raiders in a personal way. That created a flame war between the raiders and KeplersLaws (Jackson Games) on both OT and the livestream's chat. The thread was later deleted and KeplersLaws got a 1 day ban. The next day, the livestream was uploaded on his YouTube channel, which caused another minor flame war. Jackson Games apologized and told the raiders they "won". This somewhat triggered them to subscribe. Nich7 was also banned, but for 3 days.

YouTube Livestream:

Removal of 1.0 rumors [MINOR]

On September 16, 2015, broccoliboy696969 told OT that "OMG 1.0 IS GETTING REMOVED" and linked OT to a tweet made by CloneTroper1019, telling people that 1.0 will get removed. People from OT and S&I started making massive amounts of threads of the rumor, but people were not sure if the rumor was true or not. Later, he posted a few threads on OT, one saying that he "hated us" and another thread saying that he was sorry, and a few ideas were being tossed around about changing the character, but he said that it wasn't a solid statement.

TheOffTopicer/Ashbug incident

The user, TheOffTopicer admitted in a Skype chat with Brightview12 , Metalshadow455 (HypothermalDeath) and DominusAwesomeus that he wanted to have sex with MadSanity. The user Metalshadow455 had recorded it and posted it on OT. Once the video was out, TheOffTopicer threatened to DDoS him and DominusAwesomeus, but was lying. Dominus took this as a threat and DDoS'd OffTopicer, revealing he was Ashbug. TheOffTopicer apparently smashed his hard drive, sold his car, and dropped out of college.

The OT "Nightshift"

On September 25 at night, Bloxxseen made a thread claiming he found a T-shirt with a vulgar word hidden in it. Soon OTers began noticing shirts and T-shirts with inappropriate words. One shirt had "FUCK YOU" in bold. Another Shirt had "Bow Down Faggots" on it. The news spreaded to RT and LMaD and soon mods began deleting the shirts.

Also, user Vineshroom made a thread saying "ROBLOX is finished" with a link that led to a DAN TDM icon made by ROBLOX

bonzibuddy696969's Deletion/The Bonzi October Uprising

On October 2, 2015, bonzibuddy696969, a well-respected OTer was deleted apparently because of a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air thread. After this, he wasn't seen on any alts, and it was presumed that he had quit. On October 5, IFindThisQuiteFunny (ToySackboyLBP2), a friend of Bonzi's old account, started a funeral/OT party at Bonzi's only place. The funeral lasted around an hour before IFindThisQuiteFunny claimed that Bonzi had plans to start a 4th OTermination. This caused a bit of surprise in the funeral, and eventually MathkidsMain, another OTer, stated that he would help IFindThisQuiteFunny to continue Bonzi's wishes and create the 4th OTermination. IFindThisQuiteFunny, with the help of others, started a large raid on OT and spammed lots of threads about Bonzi and how he was the greatest. After 15 minutes, IFindThisFunny got a warning, and ended the raid. The next day, IFindThisQuiteFunny apparently found an alt of Bonzi, who was online at the time, and this provided some hope that Bonzi may still be active.

Eerie Designs Deletion

Months after OT trying to get Eerie Designs deleted, it got many OTers claiming Eerie Designs being deleted because of inappropriate group icons and ads. It still unknown after many group fans started to make save Eerie shirts (as seem here: ). OT started to make anti-Eerie unban threads after Eerie Design supporters created threads about supporting a new Eerie Designs group.

bonzibuddy69696969's "Death"

On November 13, 2015, bonzibuddy69696969 posted a thread stating he was near the terror sites in Paris as a terrorist attack was happening. This caused many other threads about the subject. bonzibuddy69696969 has since made his "last post" and is now offline. It is now unknown if he is truly alive or dead. Mods have banned and CD'd many people and threads respectively. The word "Paris" in thread titles are now filtered so that they are CD'd automatically in seconds. After Bonzi's thread, there were many posts in Bonzi's honor and a short memorial service was held at Bonzi's old place. Bonzi's IRL friend ToySackboyLBP2 stated that he has a message conversation with Bonzi before he lost contact with him, and stated that Bonzi had died. This sparked even more threads about Bonzi. The next day, on November 14, Toy stated that he had probably exaggerated and that Bonzi might of not have died. On November 20th, Bonzi started posting again on OT, and posted an apology, stating that it was a bet and claimed that if he didn't prank OT he wouldn't get the money.

Then, on Feb. 6th, 2016, ToySackboylBP2, the creator of bonzibuddy69696969, stated that the whole ''money bet'' thing was a lie. And that he did it just for the fun of it. However he has stated that he deeply regrets it.

The OT Crash Of 2015 [MAJOR]

Starting on November 14, 2015, the mods started deleting any threads with "Paris" in the title, and started deleting threads paying respects. This caused a massive protest against the mods. 3 people have been banned for a day/3 days, and one person has been terminated. Many people were angry at the mods. At 2:27pm GMT, SlingshotJunkie made a statement on one of ToySackboyLBP2's threads, stating that the mods were deleting the threads due to the flamewars caused by the threads. This statement ended the incident.

The 100 Million Craze

On November 27-28, Off Topic went "crazy" when the 100 millionth ROBLOX account was made sometime around 1 AM. The account, called "AllHailTyraax", attracted mass-reporters because the description hinted/revealed that it was in fact an advertising account for a war group. Since creating "useless" accounts to advertise groups, clothes, and games was against the rules, people reported the account almost immediatly. After the account's owner presumably discovered the craze that was happening on OT, they changed the blurb to "Dedicated to OT.", in an attempt to stop people from mass-reporting. The account still remains part of the war group it was originally made to advertise.


One of the first threads to suggest mass-reporting the account: (Deleted)

Deletion of CrossKnuckle

On the evening of December 1st, CrossKnuckle launched a thread targeted towards "people who dislike rap" this caused a multi-page flame war between Cross, other OTers who like rap, and the OTers who dislike rap. CrossKnuckle and an unknown OTer, 1Pure1, got into a heated argument. 1Pure1 told cross

"Cross why don't you just kys"

Cross replied

"nah you're edgy enough do it yourself"

At this time, 1Pure1 had already gotten a warning for telling Cross to end his life. About 20 minutes later, CrossKnuckle's account was terminated. OT went crazy after the bias that went on, as 1Pure1 only received a warning for telling Cross to kill himself. CrossKnuckle appealed, but it failed.

The JuliusColes Incident

On December 28, 2015 an OTer by the name of SavageGod900V2 posted the address of JuilusColes. Around 45 OTers responded as others decided to report the thread. Many people suggested either swatting him or sending a pizza to his house. SavageGod900V2 decided to post the address on 4chan, only to be flamed by the people who replied to it. SavageGod900V2's alt posted the 4chan link on the threads wall, only to result in more uproar.

As moderators deleted the content of the post, it would bring more uproar to the thread. The thread is now deleted permanently and the Original Post (OP) has been terminated.

Link - (deleted)

Ro-Sports Raid [Minor]

On December 29th, 2015, a few members of the Ro-Sports subforum decided to raid OT, however most of the raid threads got CD'ed, and after about 20 minutes, the whole thing died down and the raid failed.

However about 6-7 hours later, a user named BurnOfFlames sent a message to Ro-Sports, under the influence of the earlier incident, in which he berated Ro-Sports users mainly with stereotypes. To be precise, he regarded users as 'jocks,'incompetent monkeys' and was simply under the impression, people who indulged in sports were not smart. This lead to a brief and minor exchange of messages between OT and Ro-Sports, small confrontations were sparked in iiDarkWorlds' thread in OT as well as in the BurnOfFlames'.

Links - (iiDarkWorlds' thread) (BurnOfFlames' thread)

ElisaluvROBLOX IP Leak

On New Years Eve & Day of 2016, some girl named "elizalovesROBLOX" posted a thread saying that she will give out her IP address if the thread reaches 250 views. Of course, the thread reached 250 views afterwards and she gave out her IP

Some OTers, specifically Cyanmare and Midnightfedora, then managed to get more personal info about her and released it. Her reactions on the whole ordeal were a bit strange, though. Since there was no mods present, OT fell into chaos quickly and the thread stayed up for a while with all of her info on the thread. All sorts of OTers were freaking out thinking that the authorities were getting involved or that OT was going to get taken down and some even thought that we were going to be on the news. The mods arrived and deleted any threads relating to the situation and gave warnings to various OTers. elizalovesROBLOX then posted replies and threads similar to this:

"The IP was real I have hacked this account and posted it when she was offline 7 hours ago now I have become a great start of an awful year remember 01/01/2016,
You will never now my real main but you will know her IP [her IP address] remember stay safe and never go to scam sites if your lucky you might see more of this HOAX or not.
Sincerely Unknown User,"

With all of the chaos and threads being deleted in OT some OTers don't know the full story or have their own rumors about it.


OT Tinychat Suicide Hoax & Flame War of Jan. 3rd

The incident first arose on Jan. 3rd, when an OT'er, chopbowl, made a thread saying he was disgusted at OT for doing something, which he did not state at first. This immediately raised many questions about what happened, with the thread reaching 4 pages quickly. Throughout the thread, chopbowl started 'revealing' more information, saying that on the previous night (Jan. 2nd) OT had made a 15 year old attempt suicide by sending death threats on tinychat, and that he was in a hospital.

Soon after this 'information' was given out, people began creating many threads of both disgust and skepticism. Many started demanding screenshots and saying that there was no proof of the incident, erupting a flamewar. Soon after, lnplodedalt, another OT'er, created a thread claiming responsibility for the suicide attempt, and apologizing, continuing the flamewar just as it was starting to dial down.

Finally ceasing the flamewar, Chop admitted that the suicide attempt never occurred, and that it was a hoax. There were mixed responses, with some praising Chop for his elaborate hoax, making tons of OT'ers believe it happened, while many criticized him for creating a flamewar and for fooling them.

The Riki2321gamer DOXXING/SWAT Incident

On January 6th, 2016, 3 people reportedly from OT leaked an IP onto an OT steam chat (9:10 PM EST) that contained information about a OT'er/livestreamer known as Riki2321gamer. One of the people who was involved, with the Steam name as Vix, stated that he had originally leaked the IP on 1/7/16. JacksonGames (KeplersLaws RBLX Name), who had heard of the incident, receieved the message and posted on OT about it saying that it was more than likely bait. The thread contains Steam Chat information between KeplersLaws and Vix. Evidence (Gyazo link) was provided.

On 1/8/16, Vix confirmed that he was Nich7 and took all responsiblity for the incident and apologized to all affected by it. 2 days later, Vix stated that he talked with the one who was doxxed (see paragraph below).

That same day, it was later found that Noobingterry9009 was the one indeed doxxed. After learning that he was going to be doxxed, he attempted to dox someone else, more than likely Vix, before Noobing was indeed cut off from the Steam chat. His doxxing attempt ultimately failed.

It is said that prank phone calls, free pizza, and possibly police involvement occured where Noobingterry lived.

Steam ID's + RBLX usernames of those involved:

  • Vix (Nich7 RBLX username)
  • Noobingterry9009 (riki2321gamingvideos RBLX username, victim of doxxing + attempted dox)
  • GS1029
  • JacksonGames (KeplersLaws RBLX username, found out of the incident)

Link to KeplersLaws's thread that first talked about the incident: [1]

Link to the Gyazo image of the Steam Chat on 1/6/16: [2]

Link to KeplersLaws's update thread from the incident revealing Vix's/Noobingterry9009 indentity: [3]

riki2321gamingvideos's account: [4] (Deleted)

Nich7's account: [5]

kylemunday Video Leaks ("S-tapes")

On January 21st, 2016, an imgur link was surfaced by freezysniper of an image of what seems to be a "S-tape", as it was called. It quickly gained attention and kylemunday demanded it to be deleted, and denied that he did such a thing. Many people then pointed fun at kylemunday due to the event.

It turns out that kylemunday had already sent it to the person who leaked it, but told them to not post it anywhere. Freezy decided to post it anyway, which would cause the incident that would follow.

Freezysniper said that if enough posts and views are hit on the thread, he would upload it to YouTube and other social media websites. Many people believe the leaks were real, while some are skeptical when GoshiDoll in a discussion thread for the incident claimed he found images on Twitter similar to the ones leaked.

(NOTICE: Freezysniper could have broken laws about child pornography since kylemunday is underage, and uploading this to slander kylemunday.)

Thread: (Thread Deleted)

Second Thread: (Thread Deleted)

Discussion Thread: (Thread Deleted)

Bloxxseen vs Noobuilder (OT Incidents Argument)

On the 24th of January at approximately 19:44 GMT the user Bloxxseen posted a thread arguing about the OT incidents page, after 5 replies the user Noobuilder entered the thread calling him an incident in reply Bloxxseen called him a "Clanbag Supporter of the OT incidents page".

After this things escalated into an all out argument between the two with others supporting either side, it was a heated argument with some people calling out Noobuilder on his hypocrisy while others noted Bloxxseen's failure to hold his temper proving he has no chill.

Thread: (deleted)

#OTAlert Vs. OT [MAJOR]

On January 25, 2016, ToySackboyLBP2 created a group named #OTAlert based on DramaAlert, which was meant to detail drama that occurred in OT that day. Before the reporting even started, the group reached 30 members only an hour and a half after the group was created. A day later, Toy posted one more thread promoting the group, when StreetsofSimCity (going under the account JumbleBeesSecondAlt) posted saying how the group was trash. This started a mass protest against the group. Many members of the group were trying to defend the group, and many people were protesting against the group. Eventually, Toy left the group, and joinerman took it. joiner kicked everyone from the group and locked it.

The "Socialist" Incident [MAJOR]

The following incident has a full page with more information and detail about the incident. To view the full incident, click here.

On February 3rd, 2016, raceman6743 made a post called "Welcome to the United (Socialist) States of America", with the body quoting that if Bernie Sanders were president, he would become a dictator and made the U.S. socialistic. SoFarSoGoodSoWhat would join in on the conversation by attacking raceman6743's political views. This lead to a mini-flame war that ceased until m2th, DogBone343, Slydexia, and other users started flamming and trolling. The flame war then quickly turned on religion, apartheid, race and other random subjects. Because of this incident, the rule that "political, religious, or racial discussions are prohibited" became more serious and would have larger consequences. The original post and well as some other posts were CD'd.

Original Thread: (deleted)

'The Kektastic Incident [MINOR]'

On the 13th of February, 2016 a user by the name of Kektastic posted a thread entitled 'pictures of me r*ping my neighbor' surprisingly not bait, he had two imgur links to images showing him raping a sleeping woman. After racking a few replies he posted more image links, still being view-able today.

Then he posted a thread entitled 'roblox user 'coolcody234's address' where he listed the user's address in the body. At the moment, one of the threads has been deleted, and the other simply CD'd. Kektastic is now deleted along with the images.

Thread #1: (deleted)

Thread #2: deleted)

OTremor (OTermination 5 Attempt)

On 2/16/16, 50 threads were deleted in the space of an hour. 5 users were banned but surprisingly, nobody was terminated. It has been theorised that a minimod (likely an RTer) came to OT to try to start another OTermination. The event was known as an OTremor, as it was a minor OTermination. No new threads have been terminated since 6:32 AM.

Known users banned:

TheOutrageousBoy, 1 day ban, who accidentally made a thread thinking that JEX137 had been deleted. His moderator note said that he should not post about moderation actions.

KeplersLaws, 1 day ban, when an old thread was necrobumped and later deleted by the mods.

dumbstupidnoob5, 3 day ban for unknown reasons.

Baconite, 3 day ban for inappropriate actions.

Shoplifting, 1 day banfor carrying on what Baconite started.

RustyLake flamewars

On a unknown date, a suppose alt called RustlyLake made a thread on why we should stop oppressing fat women. The thread got 100+ replies before getting deleted. On 2/28/16, she came back with a new thread called "Why violent videogames should be banned" and reached 7 pages before getting deleted. On 3/6/16, a new thread was made directed to women who are not feminists.

September 2nd spam

The September 2nd incident occured at 05/03/2016 at around 12:00 GMT. Basically, an OT'er known as "e_o" or the main account "664" started this "fresh meme" until another OT user named "ChipTunes" joined in, mainly posting on his alt "Michael_Bay".

The accounts were basically saying stuff such as "SEPTEMBER SECOND = DEATH", etc.

Many people actually believed this, which made the account continue. The a user named "PlasticProjectz" joined in. And OT began to see a wave of these threads for ages.

No users are known to be banned.

The CRT Incident

The CRT Incident was started by Vineshroom (using his alt VineshroomAlt) posted a thread about liking old CRT monitors, on March 5th, 2016. He had some conversations with several users (mainly Aardbeien) while StreetsofSimCity, supported by ToySackboyLBP2, started insulting them, mainly Vineshroom , as being hipsters and out of touch. Eventually, Vineshroom reacted to Streets and they started arguing. Meanwhile, Toy started posting about casettes, CRT monitors and vinyls, claiming to be Vineshroom 's biggest fan and mocking the things he said. The argument between Vineshroom and StreetsofSimCity eventually descended into an all out flamewar with many users joining in. The thread reached 11 pages before being deleted.

StreetsofSimCity got banned twice, switching to different alts both times. Toy was never banned.

Thread: (Deleted)

Ordinari vs. Time2getrektm9

On the night of March 8th, 2016, a user by the name of "Time2getrektm9" was on OT. The user posted multiple threads about Ordinari calling her "their true love" and "soulmate". This sparked OT'ers and most tried to stop the user. Time2getrektm9 eventually posted a link on OT that lead to Ordinari's Twitter and told all of OT to "see how hot Ordinari is". Shortly after Ordinari went offline, the user posted "GOOD SHE WENT OFFLINE" which was a way just to get Ordinari to quit. Ordinari still remains on OT and it is unknown what Time2getrektm9 is doing. Hopefully, the user will not return.

Ticket Removal Update/Forum Termination [MAJOR]

On March 15th, 2016, ROBLOX annouced that Tickets would be removed. Chaos among all 16 sub-forums, including OT, sparked protests against ROBLOX and the fact that the update would heavily favor BC members. The protests were shunned by ROBLOX, and many users had posts deleted and even their accounts terminated.

Samueltotman's intentional termination/Fbgnhn's 7 day ban [MINOR]

On March 23, 2016, fbgnhn's official foruming alt samueltotman challenged OT'ers to spell a word. If they could do it, samueltotman would get his own account terminated...Which actually happened thanks to Nteorvolri's alt spam. When the OT'ers completed the challenge,samueltotman went to ATR and made a post strongly harassing players,including SlingshotJunkie. About 5 minutes after the most was created,samueltotman was immediately terminated. Samueltotman's main fbgnhn was also 7 day banned,with no moderator note. He thinks a minimod did that,and it could be the start of a new OTermination.

OT Raid on 4chan and the 4chan's counter raid 

Early morning of March 27, 2016 a thread (Deleted) was made comparing OT to 4chan's /b/. Later, BodyMassIndex made a thread with a guideline in it talking about how to raid /b/ properly. Multiple threads were made to counter the idea but the few pushed on and posted a single thread on 4chan which was deleted soon after. Soon after OT was flooded with spambots from was is to be assumed by "4chan" but many believe it could be a single person with a bot running mutiple accounts. Later on moderators Sys_Admin and SCS took action and deleted the numerous threads by "4chan" and ended the annoyance. 

The "Fadious X FemaleGuestReturns" ODer Scare

On March 25th, 2016. An OTer that goes by the name of "664" posted a thread saying that Fadious and FemaleGuestReturns were having "FUN" (Or as ROBLOXians say it ODing) on a locked server at one of Fadious's places. About 30 minutes later, the server was unlocked and some people got pictures before they were banned.

664 took pictures of Fadious and FemaleGuestReturns in bed. The picture was put on imgur and OTers were shocked to see this. Most harassed Fadious and FemaleGuestReturns, however most of the hate was directed towards Female. FemaleGuestReturns apparently quit overnight, only to come on the next day.

About 45 minutes after the incident, a mass thread deletion happened that spurred up a situation did with a possible "OTermination" in the making. However only warnings were handed out.

A few days later, after the hate had died down, Female posted a thread asking OT for help, claiming Fadious was threatening to leak her info. The day after that, female posted Fad's skype on OT, allowing OT to get his IP. But later, the OTer catman8321 confessed that he was the one who gave female fad's skype in this thread: Since then, it seems that Female and Fadious have made up, with female apologizing to Fad for leaking his IP. But on April 3rd, 2016, Female decided to quit due to all the drama, however there are rumors, believing she still forums on OT, but on a secret alt account that was later identified as her. Since the incident, Female has started forming on her main account again.

Then, on May 6th, 2016, Female decided to quit OT due to fad "ruining her life". She was spotted playing on multiple alts, and other OTers quickly noticed if it was an alt or not.

No OTer speaks of this, Fadious is seen on the forum sometimes, but female is said to actually have quit.

April 5th Banning Spree/OTermination 5

Starting at around 11:20am GMT on April 5th 2016, innocent threads started getting deleted because of TheBuilderX124 false reporting everyone. Baconite and FlaminMetal were banned and straight after ToySackboyLBP2 was also affected, many alts were banned soon after. This happened a few hours after all of halo5307's accounts started getting banned. Some were most likely caused because of Fadious minimodding many of these users.

During this time, many OTers were constantly posting threads telling others to get to the bunker. However, these threads were all deleted before anybody could see them, and only 7 OTers made it.

Currently affected:

  • Baconite - 7 dayer
  • FlaminMetal - 7 dayer (which was lifted 2 days after)
  • zyx (dominustrex pgd it) termed
  • Shoplifting (alt of Baconite) 1 dayer
  • CinemaPopcorn (Baconite's 2nd alt) 1 dayer
  • 664 (3 dayer)
  • 2 of flaminmetal's alts got 1 dayers i think
  • ToySackboyLBP2 - 3 dayer on 2 accounts, 3 warnings in total
  • Astrain1 14 dayer (lifted) + warning
  • Astrain1's alt Jadaprimus termed
  • matty010 1 dayer
  • RAREST_PEPE - 1 dayer
  • JayZeroFive (thejayzerofive's alt) 3 dayer
  • gm_construct (yet another one of Baconite's alts) 1 dayer
  • energyguygood - 3 day ban
  • iLoveScience1337 - 3 day ban
  • alternateantonio - 3 day ban
  • fbg_nhn - Terminated
  • Cesela - 7 days
  • Pucs - 3 days
  • FoxyThePirate (Baconite's alt) 1 dayer
  • gm_construct (Baconite alt) - 1 dayer
  • Score_Under Baconite alt) 1 dayer
  • Admin_Moderator (Baconite's alt) termed
  • Halo5307 - 5 day (2 days into 3 day then another 3 day for posting on alts)
  • halo5307 - 3 day
  • Bloxxseen - 3 days
  • boatye (halo5307 alt) - warning then 3 day then term'd
  • clevarbot (halo5307 alt) - term'd
  • backlight (halo5307 alt) - 1day then term'd
  • gamedude9 (halo5307 alt) - 3 day
  • pwnstation (halo5307 alt) - 1 day
  • epicalnezz (halo5307 alt) - 3 day
  • CasperTheGhost7 - 7 day
  • Slurpeguy - Terminated
  • GreenieGuest - 1 day

OTremor 2 (OTermination 6 Attempt)

On May 18th, 2016, 100 threads were deleted in a space of 30 minutes and multiple OT'ers were banned. 3 people, 1 main and 2 alts have gotten a termination. It occurred when a mod, Mr_Roots replied to a thread several days ago with a message directed towards the OP, saying "You're not cool." He was called out for it several days later, and it is believed that he began banning people once he took notice.


  • 81U_Reborn - 3 Day Ban
  • 81Uv6 (Alt of 81U) - Deleted
  • xzx101 (Alt of 81U) - Deleted
  • slurpeguyv2 - 1 day ban
  • SliverwireEX - 1 Day Ban
  • 3DSPuppy - 1 Day Ban
  • GrowIithes (Alt of 3DSPuppy) - 7 Day Ban
  • TheAnnoyingDog (Alt of 3DSPuppy) - 1 Day Ban
  • JayZeroFive (Alt of TheJayZeroFive) 1 Day Ban
  • Coronatus- 3 day ban
  • CoronatusisHOT- 1 day ban
  • CoronatusisGORGEOUS- 1 day ban
  • ravioli_formioli - 7 Day Ban
  • MRro44blox - 3 Day Ban
  • UpallknightXI - Terminated

7/13/16-7/17/16 Bot Raid

Around 1:30 PM EST on the 13th of July, a very large wave of spambots with names of random characters came to OT, and started posting both threads and replies filled with random words. They rendered OT unusable for about 30 minutes as 20 OTers filled a bunker that was linked during the turmoil. They were finally stopped when moderator InceptionTime started taking action and threads were being deleted. By 2:30 PM EST, the entire situation was under control. It was re-attempted at 5:00 PM EST, but those posts were immediately deleted, as well as the accounts linked with the botting.

The very next day, the same bots returned at 10:45 PM EST and took over ATR, RT, and OT, making everyone head to the bunkers. This continued until 7/17/16, when one person claimed to be behind the botting, and said that "ROBLOX will face much worse." Many rumor that 4channers did the botting after they found out about OT before this, but it was suggested with evidence that Blox City did the botting.

It is also noted that the user Sectornotsecure had triggered spambots to spam "flowey" after him creating multiple threads about praising him.

The DominusTrexRekt Incident

On July 31st, 2016, a person with the name of DominusTrextRekt got access to a moderator's account known as Soggoth. Dominus then started posting threads about how he stole $100,000 from another moderator's credit card and is fleeing to Mexico after he burns his PC and his phone. He then stated it was a really successful bait, but he did get access to Soggoth's account. A few minutes after that the mods noticed that the account had been taken over and started deleting threads about him. DominusTrex is known for being someone who has done hacking and others things on the ROBLOX subforums such as botting.

The iPad Spambot, Report Bot, and OT Chaos Incident [MAJOR]

(See: iPad Bot Raids)

On August 4th, 2016, DominusTrex, a well known "hacker" on ROBLOX, had his Twitter account suspended, which led to him starting to use "iPad" spambots on Off Topic, which spammed a massive page stretcher which can cause your browser to crash. The bots spammed for 8 hours straight until mods came and removed many innocent threads. That same day, Randcomo, a well known controversial OTer, starting using his report bot on OT, causing several series of banning sprees, resulting in the termiations of lagio. Some were able to succesfully appear the reports. These report bots and spambots continued on for multiple days.

Eventually, the spambots spread to other subforums like RT and ATR after DominusTrex supposedly released the code for the iPad bots. Meanwhile, Randcomo's suspected report bots were "still ongoing into the next few days".

On August 6th, posts that were deleted were determined to be a new forum moderator which was abusing their powers. This affected OT, RT, and ATR. That same day, another bot came online spamming random words but was later terminated.

On August 7th, all signs of spambots and report bots were gone, as it was assumed that the moderators finally got rid of the bots, but several people believed that it may continue.

Those several people were right, as on August 8th, 2016, more iPad spam bots jumped onto OT and RT, with no mods doing anything to stop it for an extended period of time.

The bots returned in the early hours of 8/27/2016 and caused severe chaos by making page stretching thread's, Due to it being early hours no moderators were online to delete the bots. This weakened OT making them unable to fight back. RT, ATR and LMaD were attacked too. The bots left a while later

On the morning of August 28th, 2016 the bots returned again for a surprise attack, Bots would come into threads and spam and page stretch. However, Mods managed to fight back and weaken the bots within an hour. Shortly before the bots died out Ipad spam threads were appearing slowly.

Due to the massive amount of iPad bots, the ROBLOX admins added a reCAPTCHA to the forums, which requires some users to verify that they are not robots. Additionally, they increased the floodcheck timer to 60 seconds (said to be 'temporary') and accounts under 14 days old cannot post at all.

Since August, bots have only made minor appearances. This is probably due to the new measures implemented to counteract spam.

This incident has been considered one of the most serious incidents, but it is not the first major one (DominusTrex July botting incident, OTerminations, OTremors, etc.).

Known OTers Moderated:

  1. Huenator - 14 Day Ban
  2. lagio - Terminated
  3. TheOfficialDerpyTime - Terminated (Appealed)
  4. raceman6743 - Terminated (Appealed and changed to 1 day ban)
  5. One of slurpeguys alts - Terminated
  6. KeplersLaws (raceman6743 alt) - Warning and 1 Day Ban
  7. Coronatus - 1 day ban
  8. CoronatusisHOT - 1 day ban
  9. Gifted_Child - 1 day ban
  10. plausibly - 1 day ban
  11. OEAK [As well as all other iPad bots] - Terminated

DanTDM Bots

On August 25th 2016 a variation of the iPad spambots started raiding OT and RT spamming about how much they like Dan TDM and that people should play their Dan TDM game. This abruptly ended when the bots just stopped posting on OT, and a while after the spam stopped on OT it stopped on RT as well.

The bots returned on 28/8/16 and tried to spam OT with TDM threads, But within half an hour the bots were deleted and the forums made by them CD'ed and locked.


NOTICE: There is a link that leads to a disturbing image. Please do not click on the link if you are sensitive to these kinds of photos.

On a now deleted thread, a disturbing game was posted to the Off Topic forum page. The place had a title similar to "PLAY BEFORE ROBLOX DELETES IT". The creator and causer of this incident is QaedBinAdem. In the post, he explains 5 minutes into playing, a yellow box would pop up in the bottom right corner. You would then have to click it, and wait about thirty seconds. The title of the game was, "You don't even want to know". (There was an earlier post of this thread in the past, yet that one is also deleted). Many people looking to explore this mysterious post came to no avail, as they were there for much longer than 5 minutes. Until, a few users started claiming they had seen the photo. A couple reactions from users were being posted in the replies. One user even dropped codes to a link of 2 pictures. The first was of picture of the user seeing the yellow box. This can be found here. The second link showed the unnatural and unexplained picture of a man with blue bubbled skin, which originated from the website bestgore. This picture is the one shown upon clicking the box.

the_froggy CP Incident

On 9/27/2016, FrostBytethethird, bigbriangoad and the_froggy were on watching videos when out of nowhere the_froggy rhetorically asked "want to see my dick" as to where no-one replied. A few seconds passed and the_froggy adjusted his seated position, he lay on his bed pulling down his pants and pulled out his genitals. After the event bigbriangoad and FrostByte were shocked and quickly, FrostByte made a thread exposing the_froggy for flashing him. The thread is linked below.

The EMP Scare

On September 18th, 2016, user PoptartNoahh posted a thread claiming that they were from the future and would answer questions, along with mentioning a future event called "it". When asked what "it" was, PoptartNoahh responded by saying that on 10/6/2016 at approximately 1:00 AM EST, there would be a series of EMPs across North America and Central America that would wipe out millions and destroy the economy. The thread received numerous replied from users and PoptartNoahh throughout the time between the creation of the thread and the supposed strike. When the time had almost come, PoptartNoahh said they would not be posting anymore due to the upcoming catastrophe and logged off.

At 10/6/2016 1:00 A.M. EST, the exact time when the event was supposed to occur, nothing actually did happen. This caused a massive amount of threads and replies with mixed responses for the next hour or so, as some people were angry that nothing actually happened, some were saying it was obviously fake, and others were glad that nothing actually did happen.

The original thread: (Now deleted)

IronGuest Info Leak, Art Stealing, and Flame Wars

On 10/24/2016, FrostbyteGZ leaked Iron's info, including his IRL photos, which made him threaten call authorities and that "this is really severe". Shortly after, FrostbyteGZ apologized and claimed that what he did was very bad, and said he liked IronGuest and began defending him.

A day later, on 10/25/2016, a massive amount of hate threads against IronGuest began appearing for unknown reasons, possibly attention-seeking or mass-reporting any negative threads towards him, which he would frequently respond to with petty insults. Later, he was accused of stealing user Captain_Falcon's art and posting it on his own twitter and DeviantART with a watermark IronGuest then claimed that it was inspect element and pointed out Captain_Falcon's lack of evidence.

Captain_Falcon then threatened to doxx IronGuest, which further esculated the situation. IronGuest responded to the situation by claiming that he was going to file an FBI report. The forums were nothing but flames the next three days,

First Flame War (Resulted in dox) : (Deleted)

Second Flame War (Art Stealing): (Deleted)

Asexual Incident

On December 22nd, 2016 Ereleon made a post on the subject of Asexuality as he is asexual. Tn response and as a result a user named Score_Under (Baconite's alt) made a post stating that asexuals are antisocial losers and that no one could prove him wrong without offering any proof himself. This triggered a series of spam posts from the user as well as others about the subject that quickly got out of hand. Score_Under would call others autistic and retarded if they said otherwise of his opinion. Several users almost immediately after the spamming of posts related to the subject went to debate if this event was a significant incident, which led to another flame war about the relevance of the incident. Very soon, it became apparent that those who were supporting Score_Under had already made posts like these before for bait as well as attention seeking, which included direct threats to murdering those who were asexual.

Many people who were asexual and others were part of attacking and threatening Score_Under (which was soon discovered that he is 12 years old after a "dox") and moderators were notified by users that were offended. Moderators began deleting several posts about the subject and many people eventually stopped posting about what happened. Many are now calling Score_Under the "biggest load of cancer that has ever existed" and "a master baiter."

StraitOuttaBoston then exposed that the users involved were using harassment as bait for attention. Others decided to joke around holding Score_Under as the new leader of OT. Some others even called Score_Under a fascist similiar to Hitler. In the end, it was determined that what happened was bait and successfully got moderators involved.

LINKS RELATED TO INCIDENT (Most have been deleted by mods, and the only one that is up is Content Deleted.

Boostmoji War [MAJOR]

In December of 2016, a new group called 'Boostmoji' was founded by Baconite and Kvyk. The posts by this group revolved around using 'gangster' slang and emojis. The group soon reached 50 members in just 2 days, and OT was split into three factions: the Boostmojis, the Anti-Boostmojis, and the Indifferent. Boostmojis even admitted to deleting the 'Cats of OT' roleplay group. Soon, many people mass-reported Boostmojis and the group was deleted, with many spinoff groups being created (but failing to take off).

The Heroforums Incident

On the night of January 11th, 2017, an obscure foruming site known as Heroforums was advertised on OT. Many OTers joined the site, however, a hacker would soon ruin everyone's fun.

Soon, those who visited the site would get their IP logged, even if they didn't make an account. There were also cases of accounts getting accessed and being changed to all black, as well as the owner of the site getting creepy voicemails from an unknown number.

Later in the night a mysterious user posted a link to a creepy audio recording, according to people brave enough to visit the link, it says "I've got a message for you, and you're not going to like it. Pray for death." As of yet no IPs have been leaked and the hacker is still unidentified. There were also reports of people getting messaged being asked to join a well known forum known only as OTTHUNDERDOME, it is not known if this is related to the incident.

The next morning the owner of heroforums, Nurselink, announced that they would be closing heroforums because "others were just using my suffering for attention and relevance".

Creepy Audio Messaged [Could possibly log your IP, you have been warned]: (Deleted)

Other threads related to the incident:

Muunswirl Ass shot/ Butt Pic Leak

On the night of February 13, 2017, an account named iiKingPlatinum posted an imgur link (Deleted) claiming to be Muunswirls butt on Off Topic. There is no proof that the person's butt belongs to Muunswirl though. Although, EssentialRoll claims he has seen the inside of her house, and can agree that looks like her house. Mods started to delete all threads during the period of the post. Someone's PG'ed (Password Guessed) alt started to post the pictures again after another hour or so, and some have the pictures downloaded to this day.

Some say she did it for attention, or its bait. Some believe it and some don't. A fact in the incident is that the unknown alt happened to say she did it for robux and he has more pictures (One including her vagina) of her. It is still unknown to this day rather she did it or not, and why did she do it if its real.

To this day iiKingPlatinum posts about the picture occasionally. A lead on who iiKingPlatinum is EssentialRoll. Not proven but there is some evidence that could prove iiKingPlatinum is actually EssentialRoll.

The Color War + Small Raid [Minor]

This incident includes a series of events that occur during Night OT, something the mods would most likely not moderate. It all starts off with a thread by GamermanNotHacked called, "Let's try to get every OTer to have the same outfit." OT cooperated at first, but then Prince_Julian rebelled against the others, making the "Blue Blue Empire." The idea of this spread from the thread to OT itself, and there were many threads talking about what colors are more superior than others. This lasted until Day OT, probably because the Night OTers were tired, and no moderators took action of the situation. The war ended the next night, and the "United Colors of OT" was established. After a night of peace, ZenedyZenedy stated that UCOT should conquer other subforums. So, Rapunzeal replied with a link to the VCWR (Video Creations with ROBLOX) subforum, and OT started raiding. The "Green Assassins" and the "Reformed Red" debated about wehther or not to continue raiding, and Rapunzeal said to raid the BARE (Bloxfairs & Roblox Events) subforum. VCWRer 118121 warned BARE about this, and the news of the raid spread to ATR. The only action that was noticed was that slvd was banned for one day because GNH reported him and checked if he was banned later.

Threads involved: (Deleted) (Deleted)

The Color Revolution [MAJOR]

When ROBLOX announced that a future update will only allow players to have 1 body color (example, if you choose black as your color, your whole character will have the black color), this caused an uproar across ATR, RT, and OT. Players protested by making threads speaking of a revolution/riot against ROBLOX. Players also protested by making different body parts different colors.

With the filter update, players started to make theories that ROBLOX has been releasing bad updates on purpose, in order to force the original players to leave. These have been proven false before.

Others feared that a second Color War would occur, this time stretching across all forums.

A petition was made, after the thread containing over 450 pages of anger, ROBLOX locked the thread.

Petition: (Locked)

The "John Doe Hack" Scare

In early March, players all over ROBLOX started to make rumors of a major hack, similar on scale of the "April Fools Hack". The story goes along that on March 18th, John Doe, a test account that was 2nd account ever made, will get logged into by hackers, and that John Doe and his friends will hack the site.

Not only was this believed but, Youtubers like Denis, started to post videos titled "DON'T PLAY ROBLOX ON MARCH 18th". This put the community into turmoil as players went to the forums for answers. On Off Topic, around 6 threads about this can be seen on the first page. It has been believed that hackers have hacked John Doe well before 2012, as people have said that admins has tried to log on to the account only to get hacked themselves.

Recently, friends on John Doe's account, who have been believed are hackers, were banned.

When 12 AM, March 18th the forums went to into chaos, And players started getting strange occurrences on their accounts. These ranged from not being able to access the home page, to having the group format broken.

Twitter post that has pictures of Off Topic on 12:05 AM:

One of the multiple "DON'T PLAY ROBLOX ON MARCH 18th" videos:

David Baszucki responding to March 18th:

Child Porn Incident

A user by the username of Link5527 had been filterpassing during Night OT, when he posted a thread "The mods are retarded, have some child porn'. And he posted an imgur link which he uploaded that contained an image of a young girl with two elder girls licking and touching her and all of them were naked. After the main thread reached about 3 pages it was found that the account had been hacked from a kid and he didn't even know that child porn had been posted under his account, all he knew is that robux had been stolen. Later Link made a post saying he was going to quit Roblox and that the hacker "ruinned" his life. People have been theorizing that the hacker was an OT'er known as EssentialRoll who had been terminated before for doing similar things. The thread with the link to the CP has later been deleted and the imgur link itself was removed by moderators of imgur.

Link5527 has since been unbanned, but it is unknown if he'll come back.

QuackityHQ Raid on the ROBLOX forums [MAJOR]

On the 1st May 2017, The youtuber, QuackityHQ with the help of twitch followers raided the ROBLOX forums, first it was centered at all subforums, then he suddenly targeted ATR. Chaos exploded in the forums and an admin gave Quackity a 3 day ban. Shortly after this, ROBLOX admins found his stream and started to watch it. Someone gave quackity an alt to log onto, and started foruming. But the admins found the account and banned it for 2 weeks with a moderation note saying "Don't raid the forums using Twitch". Shortly after quackity received an IP Ban.

His followers started to spam on the forums "UNBAN QUACKITY". He tried to use Rabbit to bypass the ban, but his account got terminated. This poured the gasoline onto the fire, and the forums went down and an age limit was made that if your account was under 2 years old you couldn't post on the forums. The raid then went to twitter, which died shortly after this. Then the limit want back to 2 weeks for reasons.

Quackity since then edited the stream into a video on the raid.

However, there is still a bot which occasionally goes on and spams pagestretchers that say "UNBAN QUACKITY", and is spammed multiple times a week. These pagestretchers are similar to iPad pagestretchers.

Kazok incident [MINOR]

On 5/28/2017, a Youtuber called Kazok put a thread DrForce was in in one of his videos. As it turned out, the thread that Kazok put in was edited through Inspect Element (found out by the time and date of the thread creation). Some time later, Kazok made an apology post about the incident. Which has over 10 pages with some people saying DrForce's reputation was ruined even insulting Kazok himself.

QuackityHQ's second forum raid & forum shutdown [MAJOR]


The minimum posting age during the raid

On June 4th, 2017, QuackityHQ once again returned to ROBLOX, bringing his fans with him, to spam ATR. The chaos went on for around 20 minutes before the moderators responded by setting the minimum posting age to 13 years, rendering the forums unusable. Just like his previous raid, he also edited the stream into another video.

"fuck isis" incident [MINOR]

On July 5th, 2017, the mods updated the filter, and consequently broke the filter. It allowed users to say the phrases "fuck isis" and "go sit on ur dads dick", as well as other words, such as "shit", "nazi", and "spic". It quickly spread to other subforums like a disease, causing mass hysteria across the entire forum. It was also uncensored in-game, quickly spreading from person to person as more people figured it out. It was very quickly patched.

TESTsubject0100 Pedophilia Accusation

TESTsubject0100's Child Predator Incident was an incident that happened on Saturday, July 8th, 2017.

It started when OTer anajay2 made a thread that was titled "I once saw a roblox place" which talked about one place was updated before she was born. After this, CRYSTALLIZED replied with "lmaooo how old are you" when anajay2 replied with "I am 12 years old, birthday is June 1st", after that TESTsubject0100 replied with "Well, for a 12 year old, you're alright.". This made CRYSTALLIZED freak out and he started making threads about how TESTsubject0100 was a pedophile and that anajay2 was his prey. Other oters also began spamming "Well, for a 12 year old, you're alright." all other the front page and TESTsubject and anajay became increasingly annoyed by the posts that were filling up the front page. The spam mainly stopped after about 2 hours, but CRYSTALLIZED was still making posts about TESTsubject being a pedophile. Finally, about 3 hours later, it began to die down.

It was said that TESTsubject0100 has been stalking anajay2 for months now, it is now known that these statements are false. Everyone started to know about this problem after CRYSTALLIZED made a couple threads about it and some people posted some threads about it too after CRYSTALLIZED did, some OTers decided to defend the accused pedophile. An hour later, CRYSTALLIZED made a thread telling everyone to report this problem in the official FBI website by adding details on "Report a Crime".

It is confirmed that some OTers did report the incident to the FBI.

It was later confirmed that TESTsubject0100's account was terminated but brought back due to an appeal 17 hours later after being sent. Anajay2's account was banned for 1 day while CRYSTALLIZED's account got a ban for 1 day.

2 days later, on Monday 10th, at about 10:00 roblox time, ArizTrad began to spam "personally i think TEST is mean." on off topic. This didn't quite take off like how the "Well, for a 12 year old" did but it lasted for about 30 minutes. However, ArizTrad kept spamming it.

Cman Pedophilia/Zoophilia Accusation

Some time in June 2017, several users started spreading information that the user cman3003000 commit sexual actions with his underage niece, and his dog. Later, in July 2017, infamous user Heartstrings began to collect evidence and screenshots of him admitting to the act and publicly posted them. He was often contacted on Discord, and attempted to disprove these claims but eventually started admitting to it. He was doxxed by Heartstrings to drive the nail in further, though he claims the information she leaked to be partially false. This caused him to lose most of his credibility as OT's end neared. He responded to the controversy on TwitLonger, (an extended tweeting site) but everything he said is up for questioning and may or may not be true.


Heartstrings' Twitter

Cman's Response

Subforum Removal Panic [MAJOR]

On July 14th 2017, users received a message from ROBLOX stating that they were making some major improvements to the forums which included a majority of subforums being rolled into five main forums, when Off Topic wasn't included in the list OT began to panic severely, many threads such as RIP OT and OT'er memorial threads were spreading like wildfire. The update is meant to commence on July 27th 2017, when this update commences this could be the removal of Off Topic. Thank you all for the support of the OT Wiki, and good night.


The message shown on one of Times_Zeros tweets.

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