The Off Topic Raids page discusses raids the OT forum has done on other places, forums, groups, streams, and websites. Check out the OT Incidents page for raids on the OT forum by others.

NOTICE: New raids may no longer be added.

Raid Pages

These pages are formatted similarly to the OT Incidents/Raids page, and are treated like major raid pages. These pages summarize and explain multiple major and minor raids that are related, instead of adding them all to this page.


(Note: These raids are NOT necessarily in chronological order, but are still organized by year.)


OT vs. KidzWorld:

Off Topic users decided to raid the site KidzWorld. This occurred several times, and soon the ROBLOX Moderators found out about the raid[s]. Afterwards, the word KidzWorld was filtered on the site to prevent further discussion about the incident. 


Off Topic vs. Rebucks

A site by the name of Rebucks was discovered by OTers in 2013, it had a striking resemblance to ROBLOX and was considered to be a complete ripoff of the site. A few weeks later it popped up in OT again and was raided. Tons of fake accounts were made and the site's forums (particularly it's version of OT) were spammed with swear words, pornography, and gore. Even a Denial Of Service (DDoS) which brought the site down, Someone even breached the security on the site, causing infringement and Illegal issues.  It ended with an apology from a few OTers. The site later went down and is now a generic domain for sale site. The owner was Poison? IP Banned from ROBLOX. And it's official Twitter page hasn't been active since August 3rd 2013. Some OT'ers later apologized for what they did.


Off Topic vs. YES! Magazine

OTers decided to report the description of a place belonging to the group YES! Magazine, since it promoted online dating. Other forumers "raided" a place in which YES! was hosting a fashion show. OTers were banned from the place, and the leaders of YES! proceeded to fight back and began trashposting Off Topic. OT flamed even more, and an OTer pretended to be YES!'s leader's mother and had the leader of YES! Magazine's account deleted.

Starbucks Health Inspection Troll

On the evening of November 22nd, 2014, Skittleblend made a thread telling OTers to wear a suit and health inspection badge and go to OT Preskool to prepare to troll Starbucks by pretending to be health inspectors. At least 20 OTers went to the preskool, where Skittle then sent them to Starbucks. For about an hour, dozens of OTers pretending to be health inspectors flooded Starbucks, asking trainees to do strange things for the "health inspection", and shouting about health concerns over things such as the head flying off when drinking glitch, or fake reasons such as mold. After an hour or so after the troll raid began, the owner of the Starbucks group had to come and crashed all the OTers

Starbucks Crucifixion Incident

On November 26th, a few days after the Health Inspection Troll, OTers began raiding Starbucks. Then something ominous happened. Starbucks members were outside showing a Starbucks trainee being crucified and realistic blood coming out of him. AhhTree alerted OTers threatening Starbucks to Give in. They did not and so OT seized the opportunity to get them banned. After ROBLOX admins had the game under review. OT celebrated.

MeepCity raid

On November 22, 2014, the same day as the Health Inspection Troll on Starbucks, OT gathered a bunch of OTers together to raid the online game MeepCity. It all started when Yoshi mentioned MeepCity in a thread. An unknown OTer told OT to raid MeepCity, and they did. Supposedly, it got better when Vespucius posted on 4chan, inviting them to the raid. There were many bans, but alts were created endlessly. They also wanted to get RT and LMaD involved but it never happened. As of now, MeepCity looks like it hasn't been raided at all. As of 12/25/14, MeepCity has been shut down. [ ORIGINAL THREAD: (deleted)]

In 2016, The original game was added to ROBLOX and sometimes ends up on the front page when it is updated. Typing the link to the old website will redirect you to the ROBLOX game.

The OT Referrals

Around September. RPers planned to refer OTers. This bugged OTers a lot to the point that they raided the Roleplaying subforum.

The Gift of OT Raid

This raid occurred on 12/23/14 at Lemonde Airlines' Jena International Airport. OTers crashed planes and servers were repeatedly shut down and restarted until MrLemonde shut down the place and informed the group. MrLemonde was a slowpoke and would take 15 minutes to get a plane 'ready' and hence the phrase "FLYET OR RYET" emerged and was spammed until the end.

The OT Raids of December

Raids on OT were no unusual thing. December 29th contained some big raids, as user AhhTree posted a thread which asked for the aid of OTers to raid a café place on ROBLOX. OTers would spam vulgar, insulting or just plain funny words when raiding and would usually get a ban from the place. Once users were banned, AhhTree and more would keep finding places to pull apart for fun.


Site Duplicate Crisis

On February 15th. A user posted a thread linking to a site named "World2Build". OT then began raiding much of the site and began saying that this was a copy of ROBLOX. They began saying they were gonna sue them for copying. World2Build copied the clothes, ROBLOX site theme, logo, hats and even had a subforum named "ROBLOX discussion" due to the fact that they did not get permission from ROBLOX to do all of this, OT tried to alert ROBLOX admins but failed. Another key factory that set the OTers off are the Forums, which had sub-forums named such as "All Things Construction," (Easily seen as a copy of All Things ROBLOX) and "Let's Bargain", (Seen as the copy of Let's Make A Deal). The site was taken down for a while, and has now came back. The domain for the new site is

The Hotboybilly Raid

On February 21st, adventurebroemil2 led OTers to hotboybilly's ODer places called "Hotboybilly Apartment 1" and "Hotboybilly Apartment 2." There were multiple posts about this on OT and this got the attention of an admin, CountVelcro. OTers raided the apartments and started using the /e command to do inappropriate stuff, such as imitate anal sex. Eventually, hotboybilly joined the game and transported all OTers to the secondary apartment. After this happened, CountVelcro joined the first apartment game while PirateCovesFoxy and one other OTer were on. The two explained about the bad things in the game, and minutes later, the game was CD'd, possibly ending hotboybilly's trouble. During this event, RowanMcJak1 PGed his security system with the passcode "1337." Hotboybilly teleported everyone to CountVelcro, and was forced to shut down.

Dewguy12 Twitch Raid

On February 22nd, an unknown OTer was searching for twitch streams to raid and they found an ODer playing on a high school game, called Dewguy12. Many OTers followed him, which caused him to migrate to an obstacle course game, where OTers followed and blocked his path. Meanwhile, 4chan got in on the action and eventually the Meme Team. Dewguy12 went on "brb mode" multiple times, and eventually got a Skype call from an unknown person saying that Dewguy12 had the system32 virus. They tricked him into deleting System32 and soon the Meme Team hacked and put a video over Dewguy12's livestream. That same hour, Twitch deleted his channel.

G0NICK Raid & DDoS

Someone posted a twitch raid thread at it was to his twitch stream, and literally before anyone started actually doing anything, he auto-banned and people got upset over that. So naturally a bunch of people pretty much followed him to every game he was in, then 2 other people joined to help him started threatening us, banning us, and so forth. People started flaming their primary group dedicated to their twitch channels, and then g0nick got DDoS'ed and all of his websites were taken down. It went on for an entire day.

Skylarthecrafter Twitch Attack

On March 1, 2015, OT decided to attack a fat kid who was playing Minecraft. He banned some OTers and then he continued playing. Then an OTer linked him via Twitch chat to a Porn site named "XVideos". The Twitch user then out of boredom went to the link which showed a tree with "CARE" under it. then it quickly switched to two gay men having sex. The kid then quickly took off the site and went offline. The raid continued but failed soon after 2 OTers (Youknoe986, Infinitepwn (Twitch Usernames)) betrayed them and began banning the OTers and 4chaners there.

OT vs True Colors

On June 4th 2015, Off Topic user JoesephStratenburgh posted a thread titled "OT RAID" leading to the place "True Colors LGBT Support Game!" where OTers were invited to raid the game. Countless OTers joined in rather quickly, vastly outnumbering the couple of group members in the place. The group members contacted the owner of the True Colors group, SocialAnxiety, who later joined the server. Anyone who even said "OT" quickly received a ban using admin commands, with the command modified to be a "gban" (initially thought to be "gay ban", but more reasonably "game ban") to remove players.

After this, True Colors owner SocialAnxiety went as far as to go on the Off Topic Forum to search for the thread and post:

Failed, GG though :)
This immediately resulted in OT having a highly negative response to the True Colors group and its owner. Pages more of arguing came to mention how the True Colors group has less focus on LGBT equality than it does being online social justice warriors fighting for "gender equality" Certain posts hint at planned future raids against the True Colors group, especially with the owner of the group continuously responding to OTers.

OT Versus KidzWorld 3

On May 7th, 2015, a few OTers, with the help of RT, raided KidzWorld. It started when yoyoyoiio (under the name 'websiteisgay') made a thread saying 'should OT raid you guys'. OT and RT later raided the chat, using ASCII and symbols to get past the swearing filter. Later, though, a user named 'Ferch', spammed the chat with 'OTs are gay'. A few other KidzWorld users supported Ferch, however OT retaliated with filterpassing. Ferch was still spamming, but she later left. Some users blocked the OTers and RTers, but the raid continued as the raiders had made new accounts. As of 2016, most of the offenders remain IP banned on Kidzworld. Yoyoyoiio also mention he wants OT to strike again sometime in 2016.

The OT, RAT, Frost Clan vs. FEAR Raid [MINOR]

May 18th, 2015

On May 18th, 2015, TheCrazyRavioli and brob formed a raid to capture FEAR's Fort Alinor, after 30 minutes, the server was filled with 50 players filled with FEAR, RAT, OT, and Frost Clan. The amount of raiders to FEAR troops were astonishingly a factor in this raid. [29 raiders vs. 21 FEAR] The raid lasted 1 hour. At the 3:00 minute mark, The clans were unaware that the terminal will not be fully captured at the end of the time until TheCrazyRavioli and 67thave mentioned this, RAT and Frost Clan were in the tower along with OT holding the terminal. The raiders declared that if the terminal was NOT fully captured, the raiders would declare it a moral victory in their hearts. surprisingly, the raid entered overtime with only 60 points left to completely capture the terminal. RAT and Frost Clan all went down inside the tower and FEAR came in and charged the terminal. 7 OTers including StreetsofSimCity and TheCrazyRavioli took out the chargers, saving them from losing the raid. At the last 20 seconds, a FEAR HR, StrongXV, unrightfully BANNED StreetsofSimCity and TCR. The raid was won by OT and they celebrated the win.

Starbucks Description Change (MINOR)

On 6/18/2015, the group Starbucks changed their description to say that the group "gives full credit to Starbucks." OT concluded that since the group had added a copyright symbol when the group was first made, they could ultimately be terminated. An offsite link leading to the Starbucks website was also added into the group's description, which caused OT to mass report the group. Cyrogenix, owner of the group, made a link to a thread he posted to defend himself and the group.

Many people that replied to the thread posted by Cyrogenix said that the call had been fake; however, some people had been with Cyrogenix during the call, so in conclusion, they supported him.

The ItssPaladin Stream Raid

On June 30th, 2015, an OTer named PirateCovesFoxy posted a thread in regards to a streamer named ItssPaladin. About 40+ people joined and they raided his stream while also following him to games. Eventually, ItssPaladin decided to raid the forums OT, ATR, and S&I. Many people joined Paladin in raiding ATR and S&I, and eventually, the pages were filled up with Paladin posts. Soon, the mods took notice of what was going on and banned Paladin for 3 days, PirateCovesFoxy for 1 day, and possibly several others.

OT vs RSF and the Electro Legion

It started on the day of July 16th, 2015 when user budderfishman007 hosted a OT Party Bus. Their first stop was RSF's (ROBLOX Special Forces) Fort Clypeus.

OTer kart345 made a thread telling everyone to raid RSF, but only one RSF member joined to defend. This resulted in a OT victory. During the fighting, a user who claimed he was from RAT said he will help the OTers. After he gained the OTers' trust, the supposed RAT (Roblox Assault Team) member told the OTers that a group named Electro Legion called the OTers idiots, so OT agreed to raid EL

Once the OTers joined the EL's base, EL started gaining backup. OTer kart345 made another thread telling OT to "Raid EL". Soon, OT found out that the user that told them to raid EL was from EL, and tricked OT to attack them. Thinking that EL will win against OT, the user then told OT that EL was allied with RSF, hence why EL tricked OT into attacking them.

OT tried to win, but EL kept spawnkilling. OT got RT to help because the spawnkilling was so bad, this ment the OTers could do virtually nothing. After about 20 or so minutes of fighting, EL gave up and kicked all the OTers, thus resulting in a OT auto win.

OT vs RSF 2

On July 16th, 2015, when user budderfishman007 hosted a OT party. After a few stops, they raided RSF. However, budderfish's little brother, who is in RSF, told a high rank in the group. This HR then proceeded to alert the clan. User CreepyWriter made a thread, telling OT to "Raid RSF".

Once the raid had started, the HR reset the match because OT caught the terminal before the raid was official. This caused some OTers to flame RSF, thus getting kicked or banned. Later, RSF started crashing members of OT. This caused OT to go up in flames, because crashing can allegedly damage your computer. This also caused OT to spam stuff like "RSF IS A CORRUPT CLAN".

OTers at the raid reported seeing members of RSF use glitches to their advantage, such as wall shooting, but there is no actual proof of this. Some OTers tolds the HR's about this and tryed to get the supposedwall shooters banned, but one responded with "Were is the fun in that?". This caused a lot of OTers to quit. The remaining OTers tried to bump the thread, but nobody would join. About 50 minutes into the raid, it was clear that OT would not win. OT then gave up, resulting in a RSF victory.

OT and C&G against Lortex Security

On 8/4/15, OT rallied at a hub to raid a war clan called Lortex Security. TheCrazyRavioli, [Also lead the OT, RAT and Frost Clan vs FEAR raid [listed above], sent OT into a rally place. Then, a C&Ger who was scrolling through the OT Forum asked TCR if he can bring C&G here. He agreed and said yes. 10 minutes later, there were about 20 C&G and OT in the hub, ready to raid Lortex Security. Everyone followed him to the server for the attack.

When they got there, they saw about 6 Lortex Security already defending their fort, and OT and C&G took them all out very quicky.

TCR made a plan where the C&Gers will spawntrap Lortex Security and take out the defenders that were trying to get out of their spawn.

OT was designated to guard the tower where the terminal is, but TCR sent 3 OTers down to the spawntrapping area to help the C&Gers.

Somehow, 3 Lortex Security managed to break out of the spawntrapping area to charge the terminal. They took out all of the C&Gers and rushed to the terminal. It was a warzone outside of the tower, with the Lortex Security breaking into their tower to reset the terminal and capture it when it reached 33% captured.

TCR lead a rally of about 10 C&G and OT to rush the tower and take out any defenders. They went up the elevator and doing just that.

About 25 minutes later, with the terminal fully secured and things were just going outright dandy in the attack, raiders spotted a full helicopter of about 7 LS coming for the tower.

TCR rushed down to the hangar with 3 OTers and decided to watch out for it, but then someone opened the hangar to peek and saw the helicopter right there.

The helicopter crashed into the rocks and falling off the cliffs at OT's hand, only one surviving and managing to jump out, TCR shot him 3 times in the head to finish him off.

TCR and the OTers rushed back upstairs, with the terminal 98% captured, and the subforums prepared to celebrate the win.

About a minute later, this message popped up:

"Hostiles have won, raid is over."

OT and C&G celebrated their win.

After the raid, OT made a group called "Lorax Security" which was suppose to the a parody group of Lortex Security.

Deletion of Starbucks

On 8/4/15, a thread was made by GIaceons talking about how Starbucks' café was deleted. Soon, OTers began to mass report more café places and the group, and the group was soon Content Deleted. However, a user named elrodvo432 stated that the group is only Content Deleted in order to find a new group name within 24 hours.

The name was changed to Frappé, but the name was still taken by a different company, so OT attempted reporting the group again.

SlingshotJunkie stated during the Eerie Designs raid that it was deleted for copyright infringement.


Roblogonzo Incident

At about 10:10 AM EST, RobloGonzo reported his plane was going down, at 6k feet and descendng. About 40 minutes later, Nenno said the plane was last reported at -21.15,52.63 and shows that the connection was lost. After that he confirmed he was a troll.

Attempted Raid of Eerie Designs

After a few OTers were disagreed with on a thread in S&I by the owner of Eerie Designs, Grotesquette, OT later attempted to get the group deleted by false reporting it for gory and bloody content and inappropriate clothing. Members of ED tried to insult OTers, which insulted back. The raid was stopped by moderators telling them to not raid. Multiple people were banned.

On 10/17/2015, Eerie Designs' name was deleted for no known reason. This seemed to have no connection with the aforementioned incident, and only lasted a few days before it was changed back. During this time, OT claimed responsibility for getting the group name deleted, and a large amount stated that the fashion group HECK NO! Magazine, known to be a fake fashion group under OT control at the time, was the cause of the deletion. This eventually caused HECK NO! Magazine to become an actual fashion group as the false claims started to have major issues on the owners of both groups which caused discussion between them and the ultimate idea of pulling the plug on OT's management of the group. HECK NO! Magazine is no longer an OT group, and as of 8/12/2016, has been shut down due to its original creation reason and inactivity.

Users banned

  • Nenno - One day ban, all alts terminated
  • Shysun - Three day ban
  • PhabuIous - Three day ban

The S&I Roboblox Raid

On 8/14/15, a new fad popped up in OT, calling ROBLOX "Roboblox". Multiple OTers, mainly consisting of PhabuIous, iPaperKitten (alt of Nteorvolri), and SoapyDishes, posted a large amount of troll suggestions on S&I. Nteorvolri wrote a sarcastic support copypasta, which OTers began to spam on threads in S&I. The front page of S&I filled up with threads mostly consisting of "I am the parent of..." threads complaining about how ROBLOX was too violent. The OTers eventually left.

The August 22nd OT/Frappe war

It all started on August 22nd, 2015, when the OTer frostblooper told OT to raid frappe, tons of people joined, but then something happened, a Frappe security member kept loop kicking/crashing the OTers, this caused OT to go up in flames, they then started to follow the security member around, the security member lied, telling the OTers that it was "lag" that caused the loop kicking, OT later found a Interview assistant and told him about it, after bit of fighting, the Interview assistant messaged an HR about the problem, according to an HR, they are debating if they should fire/demote him or not, this was a small victory for OT, after that raid, all ot could talk about was frappe, this caused massive amounts of OTers to raid frappe, asking for stuff they didn't have like black coffee, or speak in other languages, just to see if the hrs would ban them, later, frappe decided that they had enough of OT, frappe then started to ban popular ot groups like the ot pir8s and other groups such as Trashe and Lorax Security.

OT then got extremely mad, because some the groups were innocent and didn't do anything, like ot pir8s, and trashe, ot and some ot groups have declared war on frappe, because of their bans.

After a bit of fighting against frappe, according to frostblooper, Jackbae, the president of frappe, followed him in game and according to frost, this is what they said:
Frost: So, you really want us out of your hair?
Jackbae: Yes, I'm getting flack for not dealing with you guys.
Frost: So you came to me?
Jackbae: You were the only one that actually tried diplomacy.
Frost: Ok, as long as you let us have the win.
Jackbae: Fine, even though this wasn't a war in the first place.

OT 4chan Raid [MINOR]

A user named Cyortonic posted a thread on OT asking what website he should DOS (not DDOS). Many OTers responded to the thread saying he should attack 4chan. He DOS'ed the site, however, it was barely noticable. Only a few 4chan users reported bad connection.

Sept. 6 OT FEAR raid

On September 6, OT raided FEAR. Near the beginning of the raid, OT was able to hold the term for about 5 minutes, but then FEAR lead a rally of about 5 members and ambushed the OTers and took back the term. During the ambush, FEAR members were caught using a glitch that involved using an elevator to get a force field and the FEAR HRs were caught admin abusing. This resulted in a flame war during the raid. Near the end of the raid, OT claimed auto-win and left. Shorepoint, an OTer, was banned during the middle of the raid, and taped the entire thing. He then posted it to C&G, where he was then flamed on by other forumers.

The Sept. 11th Wedding Raid (Minor)

On September 11, 2015, an "ODer" posted a thread on ATR, announcing an online wedding. An OTer shared this with OT, because of this, OT, RT, and ATR decided to work together and raid the ODer's wedding game. Then, after a while, one of the forumers broke the game by exploiting. After that, the forumers joined a new server, after a bit of spamming and a little bit more exploiting, and alot of massing reporting, the forumers managed to get the place CD'ed, and possibly the owner banned, this resulted in a OT/RT/ATR victory.

kgub Forum Incident

On October 2, 2015, someone created a Question & Answer forum on another website. Someone on OT leaked it and OT started raiding it. Some of the things they were doing were page stretching and glitched words, along with filterpassing. After OT raided it, you had to get your account approved before being able to post, so OT stopped raiding it.

Tsunami Sushi Incident (Minor)

During the late night on December 12th, 2015, multiple alts, including GenerallyItsElectric, Kimwipe, OfficialWorldLeader, OfficialUniverseAcc, kriegthepsycho12, and ChapeI, spammed Tsunami Sushi ads on OT. The posts were quickly taken down by mods, but within a few minutes after the offenders were banned, posts sprung up in RT, C&G, LMaD, and S&I by various other alts.

ASA National Winter Meet Livestream raid.

On December 18th 2015, an OT'er by the name of ralftrol posted a link to a YouTube livestream of a swimming meet called ASA National Winter Meet. When OT'ers got onto the stream. They would spam Nazi Lenny faces or Emoticons. 4chan even got in the action and teamed up with OT. During that time OT'ers thought about getting RT involved in the raid but only one RT'er joined the stream. Someone else wanted to have ATR involved but it never happened. Eventually, the stream ended.

Just before the stream ended OT/4Chan? began to talk about doing a Twitch raid, All agreed on it. But it is currently unknown if they actually raided a Twitch Stream Raid.

The thread has not been deleted amazingly.

Known users that raided the stream:





Moonlight Bar and Grill Raid [Minor]

On Christmas Eve, 2015, a user by the name of wqadfasf spammed OT with threads saying how a group called Moonlight Bar and Grill is the best, eventually OT raided moonlight, after a while the place got CD'ed (OT probably mass reported it due to the fact it had the word bar in it) and a exploiter eventually made the place unplayable. However the group claims that the group sizzleburger where the people who got the place CD'ed, but there isn't any proof of this. At this moment, both the place and the actual group are CD'ed.

The Raid of McDonalds

On 12/30/15, at about 3:00 pm, sal212 posted a thread about raiding a cafe created by someone named McDonald. A whole bunch of OT'ers joined the raid, and the game become flooded with OT'ers. The OT'ers acted like they were going to order some food, but instead they ordered Duck Dodger toys. The employees started getting irritated and one of them started tazing some of the customers. After awhile, one of the employees accedentally let all the OT'ers behind the counter, and there was mass chaos in the kitchen. That's when a hacker joined. He started play the JOHN CENA song, but didn't stop the song that was originally playing. Then the the hacker started adding more and more JOHN CENA songs to it, so it sounded like the world was ending. That's when the group managers entered and finally turned off the music, and then most of the OT'ers left.


Fun Islands Raid #1

It started when Brabrantium sent a link to the Fun Islands. 4 people joined. 3 people who joined were brabrantium, NuclearRisk, and TheOutrageousBoy.

The amusement park had weapons at the time, so they destroyed everything they could. One OTer discovered a place that wasn't destroyed, so they destroyed it. The OTers discovered a few islands, so they destroyed everything they could. There was an OP timebomb. It was used multiple times. After that half of the amusement park was destroyed. The OTers left.


Fun Islands Raid #2

At 3:32 AM on 1/1/16 Brabrantium posted a thread on OT called NEW YEARS RAID. It led to the Fun Islands.

This raid was shorter than the first one, because only Brabrantium joined first and Fadious joined on ROBLOX Mobile. Fadious destroyed a few things and left. The raid failed. What a waste for the first ever raid on Off Topic for 2016.

GreenieGuest, creator of The Fun Islands, decided to host an OT party at his place. Some OTers were GreenieGuest, TranquilizerGamingYT, and sacrde. There were 5 OTers at the party. One of the party members was Fadious, although he was the first to leave. There were 3 OTers left, after 2 of the other OTers left. The 3 OTers, including GreenieGuest, became close friends, but there was no friend requests sent. There was rocket wars, GreenieGuest being trapped in a cage, bumper cars, and even destroying the bridge to the 4th island.

OT vs. House Blackfyre

On January 2nd, 2016, OT decided to raid the warclan House Blackfyre. The OTers joined and flooded the clan, the OTers tried, but the admins were caught tping other members and some claimed they died randomly. Eventually after the Blackfyre team got 100 kills, an HR announced that they won, and all the OTers left, some OTers say that also it was unfair because the people didn't tell them that they were playing a First to X kills.

OT vs. Lortex Security

On January 2nd, 2016, OT user Frostblooper posted a thread leading to the OT Planning Center. He then teleported everyone to the Lortex Security Communications Tower which was being raided at the time. OT arrived early and was able to get into the base before Lortex arrived, which then it became a official raid. OT managed to reach 40% within 5 minutes of the official raid. But Lortex defused it and reset it to 0% At some point a Lortex HR teleported some of the raiders to another place so that Lortex could make the match even. Someone even made a thread. that Lortex was caught godding some members of Lortex to make the match unfair to the raiders. The raiders overpowered Lortex and took back the terminal. then 32 minutes later claiming victory with 100% from help from a few clans.

OT vs. House Blackfyre 2

On January 3rd, 2016, OT returned to castle blackfyre, the OTers found a way to win the game, but after the OTers reached 150 kills first, the blackfyre HRs started AAing and kicking the OTers for no reason, some of the oters rejoined to find that blackfyre that claimed they won.

Snowies Cafe Raid

On January 3rd, 2016, Shuckleye posted a thread called "OT PARTY IN A NEW CAFE AAAAAAA" which soon later 10 OTers showed up. The raid started when multiple OTers went to the counter and started asking for items not on the menu. Later, the music system glitched out, and people could play songs without paying, so OT spammed loud songs. Then, multiple users started to spam and one even used multiple alts to curse as much as possible. The raids lessened and stopped shortly after the game shut down.

OT vs Team Domino

On January 26th, 2016, an OT rally was held, the OTers said they wanted to rain Lortex Security, but then they decided on Team Domino, because Lortex Security was already being raided. The first set of OTers joined the game probably sometime around 4:45 (Pacific Time) and alerted HRs to get people from Team Domino to join. Then, the OTer named budderfishman007 saw that OT was outnumbered, so budderfishman007 posted 2 threads, requesting help from OTers not at the raid and the people in RT, alot of people joined and eventually got really intense. Then, budder managed to capture the flag for the first time in OTs favor, people thought of him as a cool kid for about 30 seconds. Eventually, there were 2 minutes left on the clock, about 20 or so OTers/RTers were at the flag, preparing to celebrate their win. But then, members from Team Domino cloaked themselfs, and probably godded themselfs, Team Domino reset the clock in their favor, because of this, alot of the forumers quit, eventually, the Forumers declared auto-win and left. The raid ended at around 6:00 (Pacific Time)

OT vs Lortex Security 2

On January 27th, 2016, a OT rally was held, the majority of the OTers wanted to raid Lortex Security. After they got teleported into the Lortex Communications tower, they quickly rushed the term. However there were not enough Lortex Security members on, so for the next 10 minutes or so, OT waited patiently. After enough Lortex Security members joined the server, the raid started. OT quickly rushed the term again. Some OTers acted as heli drivers, while most were guarding the tower. Lortex Security members tried several ways of getting to the tower, one of the ways was balancing across the tiny platform onto the tower, but that failed because most of them fell. They didn't seem to use the helis either. After about 20 minutes of waiting, the tower was finally fully captured, and then OT celebrated their win.

Dunkin' Donuts Raid

On 14th February 2016,an OT'er posted a thread saying ot lets raid this place. It was a link to the Dunkin' Donuts interview place. The main OT'ers involved in this raid were fbgnhn, nopants99, and Hacker597OT.

The raid started with those 3 OT'ers messing around with users,saying weird stuff, mild name-calling, etc. The moderators present in the interview quickly took action,and kicked all of the 3 OT'ers. They came back doing the same thing. They kept kicking them,but they would still come back. That until the moderators started to ban the OT'ers, permanently blocking them from joining. nopants99 and fbgnhn eventually came back with alts. Upon being banned, Hacker597OT made a post in the comments saying "place lags, filled with salty children. it sucks 0/10 never visiting again." The raid was going ok. No big stuff happening until fbgnhn's alts quickly started to swear at everyone in the server,by saying stuff like  "fuck you shitheaded faggot", "kill yourself you cunt" and "retarted shitheaded fuckfaced oder". The moderators started to ban fbgnhn, but he came back with alts doing the same thing. Most of fbgnhn's alts were banned, only one left. Another OT'er joined, and got kicked and banned many times. Both fbgnhn and the unknown OT'er were on their last alts able to join the server,so they acted friendly to everyone. They both left the server eventually and the raid stopped.

OT Takeover of Frappé

On February 26th 2016 at 11:30 PM ROBLOX Time, AliveandThinking announced in a thread that he/she had sniped Frappe due to the owner being banned. A&T then proceeded to make OTers and friends high ranks, and OTers took over the cafe to use their admin powers, causing chaos in ways such as editing places, abusing admin in the games, and spamming group shouts. After a while, Cyrogenix got unterminated and got the group ownership forcibly given to him, and removed the OTers, thus ending the raid.


3DSPuppy's "EGG HUNT 1941", one of the places made during the takeover.

Moderation actions received:

Eagles_Flight (Terminated)

3DSPuppy (7 day ban)

Shorepoint (7 day ban)

mac_book[Heartstrings] (Terminated)

Vineshroom (? day ban)

thej05 (Terminated, but then lifted)

epictinboy (3 day ban)

OT Raids Quarter Quell.

On May 7th, 2016, the users penguinology and LethalUser criticized a game and was banned by 2 abusive admins. Penguin eventually made a thread, telling OT about it. OTers say the comments the owner had made and started to screw with the admins (Mass disliking the game, leaving hate comments, etc.). Eventually, a few RTers got involved while the dislikes continued to rise. Finally, after 2 hours, the owner of the game, Tonethy, made an apology, and claimed to remove the abusive admins. The game rained roughly 25 dislikes throughout this period.

OT vs Soro's

On July 1st, 2016, many botted threads were posted to OT, saying how Soro's was so great. Eventually, OT got the idea to raid Soro's. Some HR's said they had nothing to do with the threads, but OT continued anyway. As the OTers entered the building, they scattered around and started messing with hosts, dancing on tables, etc. After a while, most of the OTers in Soro's were gathered at one table. HR's struggled to get the OTers to cooperate. Finally, Soro's pulled a Frappe, and most of the OTers got banned from the server, some for no reason.

OT Raids First Encounter Assault Recon

On July 10th, 2016, Harleybog6 created a OT party bus. Their first and only stop was F.E.A.R's Fort Alianor. He leaded the OT group into fort alianor until just shortly being attacked. Then RobotSpyBotAI then posted a thread on OT saying "Help OT RAID FEAR" Within 5 minutes more than 10+ OTers join. The FEAR members spawncamped which caused Harleybog6 to keep saying "FEAR is CORRUPT" while he argued with a FEAR member DragonMasterCaptain. Then around 15-20 minutes later admin SCS came on and shut down the server ending the raid meaning that OT was never able to get to the terminal in time.

The Big SizzleBurger Raid

On the 28th of November 2016, a user of the name deadpandipper6567 posted an OT Party to Sizzleburger. Many people came and some were OTers. OT started spamming loud songs, and then a few minutes after the trolling, an exploiter came in (possibly from OT) and exploited making the songs unskippable and the exploiter even spammed in-game messages.

Dead said in the thread they got the server shut down because of the exploiter.


Wolves_Tail and Pinning's sub forum gang up

On 10th April 2017, 2 users, Wolves_Tail and Pinning posted threads about ATR. Wolves posted on every sub forum to get a raid going. Pinning, made fake inspect element images and posted them on the forums, and declared that OT is the best sub forum on ROBLOX - prior to this, he made a thread wanting ATR to give their opinion of OT. This thread would then be used as a backstabbing weapon. This caused a minor raid. Wolves is now hated by most sub forums, Pinning is now hated by most of OT and ATR. Many sub forums got targeted, with RT, LMAD and C&G attempted to get involved.

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