Please remember that OT incidents should not be added to the OT Raids page. This includes raids on the OT forum by other ROBLOX forums/groups.

General Information
  • Please use proper grammar and include how the raid started, when it happened (if possible), what went on, and how the raid ended, as well as the aftermath. Future raids on the same place may call for their own page.
  • Please do not add incredibly minor raids that failed instantly or were otherwise pointless.
  • DO NOT remove "__NOEDITSECTION__" from the page.
  • DO NOT add raid incidents where OT has raided another wiki!
Adding a Raid

Raid headings must be written with ====Sub-Heading 2==== and bold.

Do NOT put spaces when linking multiple items. Instead, use * to list links with bullets.

Formatting Example:
(showing headings, linking, and preferred incident separation, using an incident example.)

==== '''LividMan50 Disagreement Incident''' ====
Sometime in August 2015, someone disagreed with LividMan50. 

Then bad stuff happened. This is the biggest OT incident of all time.
*'''Main Thread:'''
*'''Other Thread:'''

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