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OfficalUberZ is a OT based forumer who has been around for 10,000 posts and around 4 years. He had caused some outrage with his some of his posts but nothing to significant.


Offical has created some questionable posts on off topic with over 10 warnings and several bans, two of which were for content in his bio. A brief list of his wrong doings include;

  • Inappropriate bio, 3 day ban, which was successfully appealed.
  • Offsite link in bio, 3 day ban, unsuccessfully appealed.
  • 4x Profanity 1 day bans.
  • 2x Spam warning.
  • 4x Harassment warnings.
  • 4x political speech flame posts, warning.

Personal Life

Offical is a 18 year old male from Brisbane, Australia. He has said to work at subway and has a girlfriend, no other personal details have been reviled at this stage.


  • During early 2016 he created alot of gun violence based bait threads which quickly gained attention. UberZ was slammed for these threads but recovered swiftly.
  • During December of 2016 UberZ created a group called "Anti-Emoji" which spawned large amounts of contorvercy around it from many different groups and individuals. He has since left the group.

Post Count Milestones

7000 posts -

7300 posts -

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