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Ordinari (Pronounced like ordinary) is a female OTer known for crapposts, crush threads, and parodies of other threads on the forum section. She only joined OT back in June 2015 and already has 6,500+ forum posts. She claims to be the "sass queen of OT" and identifies as a "lemon".

Interesting Facts

-Known for creating OT Land, a showcase with OTers playing games, eating pizza, and riding roller coasters.

-Siggy: I've got my ion you.

-Has a YouTube channel named "Ordinari Productions"

-Creator of the nickname "Fatious" after many, many fights with Fadious.

-Currently holds record for longest OT party (Over 5 hours at OT Land:

Indecent of 2013

Back in 2013 when Ordinari was new, she discovered OT and did not know how to use it properly. She made many terrible posts which lead to her being flamed by many OTers (who have been term'd since the event). As she was flamed, people asked her disturbing questions and asked about dating or other inappropriate topics. She did not return to the forums after that until June 2015.

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