OtherNigel is an OTer who has been on the site for around 1 year. He mainly posts opinions about certain issues on the site.


OtherNigel was created by bigman20043 as a joke to trick players into thinking he was a 'noob'. He would go onto various games and ask them obvious questions, often ending in him questioning the nicest player as to why they would play on such a "mean game". He started foruming on OT in July of 2015 after his other accounts Creatiom1337 and bigman20043 were terminated.

OtherNigel would often post L2D threads or other 'crapposts' and before long had 1,000 posts. At this point he became more politically opinionated. In early 2016 he had a falling out with one of his earliest OTer friends, ToySackBoyLBP2.

In a small OT chatroom on dubtrack OtherNigel defended a person for making vore frisk art claiming that it wasn't child pornography by nature. He was repeatedly called a pedophile, causing him to lie about his name (he said it was Anthony when it's really Evan). This flaming persisted until he posted that he was going to kill herself from the pressure and stress (which is likely true since he has GAD), and the constant buzz stopped.

In 2017 he posted that he had been misdiagnosed by a doctor, and he in fact had ADD, not aspergers.

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