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ROBLOX mods decided to change the subforums' names to beach themed stuff for the summer. OT was dubbed "Out to Sea". Many ODers saw the advertisements for the forums and OT was attacked.

Pirate Crew

Epicborn1337 decided to attempt to convert OTers into pirates and join his pirate crew. The following list shows the roles of each of his mateys.

King: Squidcod

Captain: 67thave

Cannon guy: Epicborn1337

Gunpowder man: 700GB

Crow's nest: Collinman60

Pirate 1: Blu3bird

Pirate 2: GGgarret

Pirate 3: TheNoobLegion

Pirate 7: LolHatz

Pirate 8: Imakewl13hax

Pirate 9: Plexiglass

Guy who walks the plank: DrPece231

Guy who walks the other plank: Thig1234567891234567

Parrot: Chicka123

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