P0Ptartfudge is an ex-forumer, builder, investor, and clothes designer. In 2014, he joined the Off Topic community and quickly gained popularity. Currently, he resides in the Let's Make a Deal subforum. He is also the creator of the well-known satirical game MLG Hood Simulator with 60,166 visits in total.

Conflict between Rostrum:

P0Ptartfudge took inspiration from Rostrum's "Hood Simulator" and made a game called "MLG Hood Simulator". Due to the fact P0Ptartfudge's game had gained more popularity and more revenue, Rostrum was angry at him for "stealing his game." This lead to Rostrum asking to receive R$100,000, in "losses", from P0Ptartfudge. To this day, Rostrum has not received compensation and the issue hasn't been resolved.

Foruming Past:

P0Ptartfudge started foruming approximately mid 2012 in Roblox Talk, Let's Make a Deal, and Off Topic. Over the years he has progressed as a forumer and has been able to accumulate almost 20k posts. He joined Off Topic in 2014 when OT was at its peak, and he quickly gained popularity among the community. He is known across multiple subforums such as Let's Make a Deal and Roblox News & Discussion. Before the forum merge of 2017, he was a highly respected forumer in All Things ROBLOX. He officially quit OT in 2016 before Off Topic's removal.

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