P0Ptartfudge is an OTer. P0Ptartfudge joined ROBLOX in November of 2011. He has worked on about 20+ projects, one being "MLG HOOD SIMULATOR" and SDmanSD's "Famous Simulator", and currently working on a Fallout 4 game with Leuce.

Conflict between Interactivity (RTer):

P0Ptartfudge said that he got his idea from Interactivity's(RTer) game, "Hood Simulator", and SHIMRIN7's (RTer) "Hoodlum".

Interactivity claimed his game idea was stolen by P0Ptartfudge without credit, and wished to receive R$100,000 to compensate. Due to the fact the game was based around Interactivity's idea, P0Ptartfudge will not pay Interactivity as he finds it silly. This issue has not been resolved to this date.

LMaD Past

P0Ptartfudge back in 2013/2014 had a rap of approximately 1.3M+ robux which makes him one of the richest OTers of all time. Due to allowing some friends borrow expensive items and never returning them, P0Ptartfudge quit trading and sold all his items for ROBUX.


He is able to provide proof ^

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