Paradogma is an OT'er that joined in early 2014 but quickly became inactive since he lost interest in foruming. He began to forum again in mid summer of 2014.

Joining OT

Paradogma first joined on his alt who was known as Vulcepula. A friend of his who's named Talha suggested that he began foruming. Taking his advice he blindly took off into OT where Vulcepula would drown in history. During his short time in OT he spammed lenny faces seeing if he could try and fit in with the rest of OT. Little was known of Vulcepula other than the fact that he was a shitposter at the time that used minimal grammar and spelling as well as annoying emoticons.

OT Skype Chat

Paradogma owns the OT Skype Chat. He assumes himself that it's the longest surviving and largest OT chat of any kind, but he does not know of any other. There were private incidents within the Skype chat that had some effects. It's relatively hard to get into the Skype chat seeing as joining is disabled and that it's an exclusive chat.

Other info

Paradogma is biologically a male but is always dressed as a female, it is very rare that he dresses as a male as he dislikes his own gender. He's been involved in an incident, The Cyanmare Anti LGBT incident. This is a good example of him misreading since he does so a lot when he's in a hurry. Fortunately the Anti LGBT incident was a pretty big misunderstanding. At the moment he is 14 but will turn 15 on October 31st(yes this is legit). He enjoys strategy games as well as the Total War series. Paradogma has a deep hatred for oddblooger.


Him and Hivebent.

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