PartehPoison is one of very few OT'ers who have been on OT since 2012. She's migrated between OT and RT ever since then, but you can usually find her on OT.She is a fairly well known OT'er, although she is not always active. She officially quit on December 7th, 2015, but returned in June 2016.

Recent names

PartehPoison changed her name from 'merox33' her original username, to 'PartehPoison' in October 2013.

The name 'merox33' was a name she had made up when she was 10, refering to an improper spelling of the grammatically incorrect words 'I rock' referring to how much she rocks.

The name 'PartehPoison' is referring to two things. 'Party Poison' the song from the album 'Danger Days' and 'Party Poison' the character from the comic book series 'The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys' by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way. She has since stated that she isn't personally a fan of MCR anymore, but she still likes the music.


Parteh only has one friend from OT that she still talks to consistently. Many people are friends with her on OT like StreetsOfSimCity, but she only talks uniformly talks with Zanderich outside of OT.


Parteh used to identify as pansexual, but as time went on she changed that identity to bisexual after her opinions on gender identity developed.

Known alts

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Parteh IRL; 2016

  • Merox33ALT (active)
  • thatkid (active)
  • CaptainFabulicious (inactive)
  • ThatNoobGirl (inactive)
  • PartehPoisonALT (deleted)
  • IGottaDigBick (deleted)

There are likely more, but these are the confirmed alts.

OT Chronicles

Parteh had a story about OTers that met up in real life, and had super powers. She quit the story for unknown reasons.

How to get an online girlfriend boyfriend on the complex02:54

How to get an online girlfriend boyfriend on the complex

Parteh's video on how to get an online girlfriend/boyfriend on the online dater game 'The Complex'

Post Wipe / Forum Ban

On the night of November 25th 2015, Parteh made an inappropriate thread. (Now Deleted), Many of the repliers were talking about inappropriate stuff such as "You want pics of my mushroom?" and "What is your fav part of your body", Within minutes the Post was CD'ed and all her other posts aswell. Every single one of her posts were CD'ed and any thread she made in the past was locked and CD'ed as well. This got her a 2 week IP ban and termination on her main.

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