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Petitpanda was an OTer who originally was a RTer in 2010, moving to OT in 2011. A shitposter she was, she wasn't very liked, but did cause several OTers anger, and always was a huge lurker in OT chatrooms. In 2012, she picked up the alias 'demonwolf3', a phished account and started to forum under it, even being more of an annoyance with it. 

Later on, she made more accounts "wolfwolf88", "wolfwolf13", and kept shit posting. She was brought to attention after posting an IP of an ODer under 'meguca' after an OT raid, saying that she was gonna be arrested. Her twitter feed is still being updated, and wasn't scared one bit of it. In the same day, she posted skypes and a doxx of a pedophile, bringing more attention, causing her main to be Banned for 3 Days.

She has now been terminated.


  • She plays competitive TF2, and is in the gold upper bracket UGC.
  • She is Half korean half Japanese, but identifies as full Korean
  • Is responsible for ScubaDivingForFood's leave, catfishing him and revealing that he does furry erotic roleplay.
  • Her high-pitched voice is actually a result of childhood trauma
  • Posted a memoir of living in an Korean neighborhood in Japan, having it vandalized and trashed.
  • Leader of the Babesquad

Acc list

  • Thenameisdolan
  • thegravityflow
  • OTjoel 
  • OTellie
  • trista2128 (phished)
  • NetherLips
  • cosmonautrocky
  • meguca
  • seyiku
  • drunkenf00l