The Pinewood Computer Core (commonly abbreviated as PBCC) is a game created by Diddleshot, the chairman of Pinewood Builders. The game is based around a computer core with multiple ways to interact with it. Users can also trigger a meltdown, which destroys the facility. This is done by accessing the fan control,and turning off all fans. Meltdown is triggered at 4000°C. You can read more about the game here.

The game has been criticized and raided by OTers for over a year, mainly due to its security, which are often called abusive. Raids have occurred before the meltdown existed, where other players would often roleplay an explosion instead. Raising the temperature too high would often cause roleplayers to panic, which was used to OT's advantage in multiple early raids. OT's record for highest temperature generated in these early raids was approximately 37,000C. After meltdown and other features that could be used to cause havoc were added, OT used them.

Some features of the PBCC are rumored to have been added due to OT raids.

Raiding Incidents

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Prior to Meltdown Update

MlSSlNGN0 & the Admin Control Elevator


The screenshot with the highest temperature ever recorded, from the MlSSlNGN0 PBCC raid.

MlSSlNGN0 , an old alt of Nteorvolri, was brought into a normal PBCC raid sometime in late 2013 on a secondary computer. OT was in complete control over Admin Control, and only OTers were let up into Admin Control. MlSSlNGN0 stood at the upper side of the Admin Control elevator and used a spamclicking macro on the "up" button to make it impossible for people to bring the elevator down. With all fans off and coolant disabled, the temperature continued to rise.

Players in the server noticed the high temperature, and crowds began to form at the foot of the Admin Control elevator, failing to bring the elevator down. OTers insulted and made fun of those wanting to come up to Admin Control. The comments of PBCC were filled with comments with similar messages, mainly stating to ban MlSSlNGN0. MlSSlNGN0 stayed in the same server, spamclicking, for almost 50 hours. The temperature gradually rose to over 35,000C. With multiple complaints from the Pinewood Builders group walls & the PBCC comments section, Diddleshot joined the game, permanently banned MlSSlNGN0, and left. It is rumored that truss behind the admin control elevator was primarily added due to spamclicking.

After Meltdown Update

Krusty Krab Pizza

The Krusty Krab Pizza raids, primarily led by samiam2001, occurred after meltdown was added. OTers would storm and take over Admin Control and overheat the core to make "Krusty Krab Pizza". OTers would spam related SpongeBob references and annoy players from above. Before truss behind the Admin Control elevator was added to prevent spamclick blocking, spamclicking macros were still used to prevent any security or players that were not OTers from getting up. Many believe that the pizza now in PBCC's cafeteria is a reference to the numerous pizza raids.

2015 Raids

"Pinewood Raid II"

On Februrary 20th 2015, a major raid on PBCC took place. Using the new zombie feature, which can damage regular players and other zombies upon contact, OTers bothered security and worked to blow up the core by staying as a zombie in the fan control area. Some security members allegedly left the game after getting fed up with OTers.

Known Involved Members

March 14th

On March 14th,yet another PBCC raid took place. This raid,using the same strategies as the last one, successfully blew up the core yet again. Lelforumingalt received his first warning as part of an unrelated incident during this raid. This raid was just as succesful,as although there were much less OTers the server was much smaller.

Known Involved Members

November 28th

RobloxScreenShot11292015 154503526

A screenshot of the raids on November 28th.

The raid on PBCC, occurring on November 28th, was led by CrossKnuckle with the assistance of Lorax Security. The group entered the core and immediately stormed admin control, overheating the core. During the attack, a member of CrossKnuckle's group, DoppelKeks, spammed racial slurs repetitively. This caused Pinewood Computer Core employees and visitors to be offended. After the attack, the group posted numerous threads about them winning the raid on Pinewood, causing a mod to find out what was going on, and launched consequences.
Involved Members

  • Mudlink
  • lelforumingalt
  • jennapenna03
  • DynamicFail
  • talkbar
  • InfamousTurtle
  • TheOutrageousBoy
  • DoppelKeks (Dogelold's Alt)
  • nich7
  • themeowmeowcat

Moderation Action

  • CrossKnuckle (1 day)
  • Mudlink (1 day)
  • sqan (Terminated)
  • DoppelKeks (Terminated)
  • InfamousTurtle (warning)

December 16th

On December 16th, budderfishman007 led a raid against Pinewood, he told some OTers to join the "OT Planning center" game. Once the room was filled with 5 OTers, budder teleported them to the core. Once they joined the OTers spammed "Innovation INC > Pinewood" and other offensive things. Eventually, the OTers got to the admin control center and started to turn off the fans. However a few security members attacked the OTers, one was even in a attack helicopter that could shoot explosives. Eventually budder had to make a thread to keep the raid alive, a few more OTers joined to help. After about 45 minutes, the OTers caused the core to meltdown, but some of the OTers managed to get to section G and escape the blast, after this the OTers celebrated their victory.

2016 Raids

February 13th

On February 13th, during an OT Wikia chat, raceman6743 (wikia name TheVideoGamePlayer2) suggested blowing up the Pinewood core. GFink, raceman6743, and other OTers in under 10 minutes caused the core to explode. During that time period, OTers shouted "Allahu Akbar" and other things as the core was beginning to overheat. The OT'ers were the only ones to survive the meltdown, making it to the space station. OT celebrated by entering another Pinewood server and blowing up another core, this time with only raceman6743 surviving the meltdown.

February 14th

The next day after the Feb. 13th raid, raceman6743, nich7, and other OTers decided to blow up the core with admins in-game. Luckily, the server they joined did have admins, making it take longer to cause a meltdown. Meanwhile, OTers prevented other people to get into the silos by having an OTer exploit (unknown who did this), making it so that only OTers can make it out alive. The core exploded 10 seconds after silo #8 was launched.

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