PirateCovesFoxy is a horse who joined in December 2012. He is the official OT horse.

The Hotboybilly Incident

On February 21st, 2015, PirateCovesFoxy, along with many other OTers, raided a place called Hotboybilly Apartment 1 & Hotboybilly Apartment 2. At an unknown time, the admin CountVelcro saw the post about the places and came to investigate. While at the place, PirateCovesFoxy and one other was the one to show the admin about the lewd stuff about the place. Minutes later, the two places were CD'd.

The ItssPaladin Stream Raid

On June 30th, 2015, an OTer named PirateCovesFoxy posted a thread in regards to a streamer named ItssPaladin. About 40+ people joined and they raided his stream while also following him to games. Eventually, ItssPaladin decided to raid the forums OT, ATR, and S&I. Many people joined Paladin in raiding ATR and S&I, and eventually, the pages were filled up with Paladin posts. Soon, the mods took notice of what was going on and banned Paladin for 3 days, PirateCovesFoxy for 1 day, and possibly several others.


  • PirateCovesHorse
  • OTHankHiII

Fun Facts

  • His favorite color is green
  • The ID Gods confirmed that he is the official OT Horse
  • He is Mr. T in disguise.
  • He was IP banned from Twitch as of July 2nd, 2015, then unbanned the next day for unknown reasons.

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