PlanetMofo (born April 4, 1992) is an American white supremacist. He joined on December 2, 2016. He strongly identifies himself within the alt-right political movement. Much of the content posted by him involves recurring topics often discussed within the alt-right, such as "white genocide", the desire for a "white ethnostate", and the "Jewish question". As an adherent to Norse paganism (most likely Odinism), he will also mention about how Christianity is a catalyst to "white genocide" because he believes that their pro-life stance will "escalate the issue of miscegenation". He is also an advocate of a white ethnostate, and once asked, "If Jews can have Israel as their own ethnostate, why can't us [white Europeans] have Europe as our ethnostate" and often says David Lane's Fourteen Words ("We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children") in the end of each post that has his content on it.

Much of the content posted by him also involves heavy pro-choice beliefs, especially when he mentions about how he favors it due to the fact that it "impacts blacks and Hispanics more than whites", which is very similar to the beliefs of alt-right leaders Jared Taylor and Richard B. Spencer. Additionally, he addresses that he advocates abortion for eugenic purposes and abortion "in cases of miscegenation (race mixing)".

Another common activity he would do is express his outrage towards anti-white racism yet ironically, he would also end up being racist himself due to his extreme ideologies. He sometimes blames Roblox along with the media and banks for being "controlled by Jewish people" so that white people "will surrender to miscegenation, the destruction of European culture, and the destruction of European tradition".

Notable Incidents

  • The Jewish Community Incident: Throughout August to October 2017, PlanetMofo attacked the group with hateful, vile, Holocaust denying, and anti-Semitic comments, ranging from content "Jews will not replace us", blaming them for "bringing the migrants to Europe", blaming them for waging a "war on whites", and blaming them for "encouraging race mixing" (he would also mention about encouraging abortions on interracial couples). He also made a lot of posts regarding The Fourteen Words, how he believes that they are behind all the atrocities in the world, and how people like Gavin McInnes, Mike Cernovich, the people from Breitbart, and Paul Joseph Watson (InfoWars) are all "Jew-controlled" (at the same time, he would constantly praise the white nationalist media outlet Red Ice TV, which is run by Henrik Palmgren and Lana Lokteff). Coincidentally, Lana Lokteff has called out Paul Joseph Watson and Mike Cernovich for a similar reason and that the "alt-right" is not dead the year before. As of November 2017, all of the comments he has made in the group have been removed by the moderators due to hate speech.
  • The Islamic QA incident: On October 8, 2017, PlanetMofo got in a heated argument with Beez_amn2014 and DarkBrotherhood4 in a post regarding white identity and "being white". He, as an Odinist, told them that "Christians and Jews both promote race mixing" and that "Muslims are race mixing (with European women) and destroying European culture" (basically, PlanetMofo is addressing about the white genocide conspiracy theory). Later on in the incident, he would comment on how the people he argued with "were racist" and how they "were not that different in comparison with Antifa, Black Lives Matter (he calls it "Black Lies Matter"), and Isis".
  • Charlottesville

    The Charlottesville Unite the Right rally. PlanetMofo may have attended the rally in August 2017.

    Possible Involvement in Charlottesville Unite the Right Rally:
    It is not truly confirmed if he was involved in the Unite the Right rally that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia in August 2017, but a lot of the vile content that he posted in the group "The Jewish Community" has the exact same content as what the attendees shouted during the rally, such as "Jews will not replace us", "you will not replace us", and "blood and soil". Regarding the fact that PlanetMofo is a man in his mid twenties and that a lot of the attendees appeared to be young white men, it is very possible that he may have been involved in the Charlottesville rally. He also posted in several posts that he took part in the rally, which involved approximately 500 protestors.
  • "Roblox, there is nothing wrong with being White": PlanetMofo had a post where he believes that Roblox is "plotting an agenda against whites" because moderators have banned him multiple times due to his vile and racist nature. In the post, he also mentions about an incident where a 15-year old white girl was beaten a black man (the black man was referred to as a "sick vile monkey" by PlanetMofo). He believed that if blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and other groups can mention about racial issues, then he, as a white male, should too. However, he does it in an antagonizing and possibly even a dangerous way that may get him felony charges for inciting racial hatred in real life.


  • PlanetMofo, in a lot of his posts, will capitalize the word "white", but not capitalize the word "black". He also usually refers to all white people as being "The White Race" rather than just simply "whites", which is unlike how he refers to black people as "blacks". Sometimes, he even does not refer to blacks, Jews, Arabs, Hispanics, and those that are mixed race as being human.
  • PlanetMofo also attacks other famous people and media personalities, such as Lindsay Lohan, Jeremy Meeks, Bernie Sanders, and Laura Loomer.
  • There seems to be a thing with people from the alt-right being from Ohio - PlanetMofo, Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, and Scott Spencer of Smoloko News are all from Ohio.
  • The group "EVROPA Identity" is likely supposed to represent the white supremacist group Identity Evropa, which was formed by Nathan Damigo in March of 2016.
  • Like most people in the alt-right political movement, he will also call people that do not have very similar beliefs as him "cucks". 

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