FANDOM is a website in which you can watch videos and listen to music with other people. These are popular in the OT community and people often hang out in them in the afternoon. People can get banned for posting links to parties sometimes, and some people have even been terminated from doing that (i.e BrandonCult, ToySackboyLBP3). unfortunately had to shut down at 3pm PDT on September 28th, 2015 due to lack of funding. /koppy-kekky, /ot-party-place, and /banzi were the three most popular OT parties.

The Return

On March 7, 2016, mrbeaners discovered a sandbox version of A party was held at their room.

Mrbeaners also got terminated for posting the link.

The original website was re-opened.
Plug10:01's ending

This is the end of (Recorded) In an OT plug party. The party was /banzi, will be dearly missed

Most Successful OT Parties

These are parties that have been created for OT. The host of the parties are in brackets.

  • /koppy-kekky (ToySackboyLBP2)
  • /slap-chop (mortem3r)
  • /ot-video-party (Thedemon9999)
  • /otscrubparty (Imaginefox)
  • /otpartytime (Hexxagon)
  • /oters-anon (tofuwafee)
  • /ot-party-place (obeyswaginsidejob)
  • /banzi (bonzibuddy696969)
  • /ot-gt-rt (ForgetSteve)
  • /otist-club (spt188)
  • /oh-tee-party (flyingyamaski)
  • /kinchocombat (Jolly3DSlover)


  • /koppy-kekky once held the longest ever OT party, lasting around 10 hours, despite the owner only being there for half of that time.

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