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Plungeit joined ROBLOX on 20 November 2011. He still does not know why he chose this name. He is a poor scripter and only hit one thousand place visits during mid-2015. He aspires to be well known on ROBLOX but usually fails at the little tasks he tries to succeed at in order to accomplish anything.

Off Topic

Plungeit never really forumed (unless it was asking a question in Scripting Helpers or marketing his place to the public) until early 2015, when he started on OT. No one knew him very well, yet he posted on most threads on the front page; therefore he considered (and named) himself ​OT's vigilante and The ghost of OT, although no one really acknowledged that either.

He has, since then, posted more and more and now is known by a small group of OT, and has a small circle of friends.

Plungeit now has a post count of approximately 2,500.

Scripting knowledge

Plungeit knows next to nothing about scripting, let alone how to script a game. If he tries to make a game he commonly uses UristMcSparks' (Plungeit owes Urist a huge thanks) killbrick and other game items, extracts the script from it, edits it a little and then pastes it in his game. The best game he has created is a game named 'Earthquake' which hit 2,000 plays.

One of the first games he ever created, (back in 2012) World of Explosions V1.0, had no scripts in it and, instead, was made entirely from the ROBLOX stamper tool.


Plungeit was in to clans pre-2014. He joined lots including F.E.A.R and other war clans, but soon got tired of it. He realized, upon checking his profile, that his 'Group' section was flooded with unnecessary junk and so he cleaned it out. He is only in a few groups now.

When he realized that F.E.A.R and OT were linked, he left immediately to avoid people being suspicious.


Before the ROBLOX+ update, Plungeit's signature used to be 'I really hope that this is a signature', until September, when his sig became 'I really hope that this is a signature // Plungeit // r+ now allows coding'. Plungeit doesn't know why this is his signature.

Alt accounts

Plungeit's alt account are FluffyMarshmallowss, UnderageDignity and PlungeitsAlt.

Stuff about Plungeit

  • Plungeit is a teenager.
  • He is obsessed with classical as well as metal music, a strange combination.
  • Plungeit has a brother.
  • His name is obviously an innuendo, even though it wasn't meant to be that from the start.

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