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ROBLOX OT in a Nutshell01:21

ROBLOX OT in a Nutshell

One of Plush's videos.

RobloxScreenShot01032016 173559220

Plush in one of his places.

PlushMarioSeries is an OTer that originally joined ROBLOX in 2012 as "wjoel". He then decided to create a new account in early 2015 called PlushMarioSeries to match his username on YouTube. He began OTing during the late-summer of 2015. He is best known for his creation of the work-in progress OT Movie, which some have criticized for many reasons. One OT'er named AluminumX went as far as making a full 12-minute commentary "exposing" him and his movie.


PlushMarioSeries got his name from his love of making Mario-plush videos on YouTube. PlushMarioSeries prefers to be called "Plush".

Style of posting

Plush posts in an average-way. He likes to keep his posts clean, and mostly use humor as a way to grab other OTers attention. He is not well-known though. But he says "I don't care if no-one recognizes me. All I care is that I make someone's experience on OT fun."
PlushMarioSeries pic

Plush's favorite avatar of himself.


Plush's current post-count is 3,500+

The Paper Thread Massacre

While PlushMarioSeries is considered just an average OTer, he also has received some hate. Most people complain about his posts being pretty odd. But he received A LOT of hate on February 29th, 2016. He posted a thread called: I am not kidding, I found this paper on the ground today. It then lead to a link to a YouTube video he made called: Everything wrong with the internet on a piece of paper. OTers (mostly Tennis_Racket and VengenceVinny) started to criticize the video, and prove it was fake. Plush finally put a stop to it, and stated the video was fake. He later put an annotation on the video saying that OT was right, it is fake. While to most OTers, this is a common occurrence, this was the first time it happened to Plush.


1. First OTer to devote more than 3 hours of posting anti-Common Sense Media threads.

2. First OTer to have the ability to not post a Rick Roll on "Post what you are listening to" threads.

3. Only OTer who works on 2 YouTube series for OT. Both being "Stupid Argument Wars" and "OT goes to:".

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