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Pluspower is an OTer from 2008. He uses grammar and proper capitalization a lot, unlike most OTers, and looks like a 'newb' even though he says its stylish, which most people can agree on. The reason he uses it is because it didn't cost anything. However, a period happened where him and NineNyan9 were Goldpowers, which had cost tix.

He is liked by most of the OT community and hardly gets banned. Usually, he makes whimsical posts. He says there's an account called Minuspower which pluspower calls "my evil clone" or something along the lines of that. The best part is that they often rival against each other, which is quite entertaining. By now, pluspower has around 31 thousand posts

He doesn't agree with many of the fads that sweep through the internet, OT, or any other place.

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