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Pokemonareugly2 is an OT'er. He uses grammar in the majority of his posts..

He is in war clans, but does not forum in C&G. He was previously in the technical support forums.

His siggy, although rarely used, is "The FBI is after you? That's your problem now, buddy."

Favorite and Disliked OTers

Favorite OTers

  • SongofSwords
  • Dzuheron (Nteorvolri)(before he went to shit)
  • ForumGame
  • SupahBoshi64
  • 6deadlysins (Rocksrolling8)
  • Any OTer with 1/2 of a brain that isnt stuck up

Disliked OTers

  • Shadow97
  • operated
  • anyone thats an idiot and wont admit when they are wrong

Likes and Dislikes


  • ArmA 2
  • DayZ
  • Chess


  • Fart Alts
  • The "Dream Team"
  • Troll threads
  • Spam threads
  • Threads which he does not find interesting

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