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  • Posten3 is a poster on OT. She lurked in late 2011, made her first post in 2012, and got a warning for her first post.
  • Posten3 is openly gay and notorious for attacking those who have opinions contrary to her own.
  • Posten3 has been active on and off since late 2014.
  • Before OT was deleted, she created a petition in an attempt to save OT but it ultimately failed and barely reached 100 signatures.
  • Posten3 is still active on Roblox despite the forums being deleted. She currently partakes in clans, building, and creating graphics for thumbnails.
  • In mid January of 2018 Posten3's username was changed to BronwenGorehowl.

"Fun Facts"

  • Posten3 is related to the owner of the Roblox account, Posten, who was also an OT'er, but during 2010 - 2011.
  • Posten3 was invited and attended RDC East 2015, and was invited back for RDC 2016, but does not plan on attending due to distance limitations.
  • Her signature has been " -Imagination- " since late 2012. She has made multiple attempts to change it, but all attempts have failed due to it being "a force of habit".

Posten3's RDC East Nametag


Posten3 IRL (Prom 2017)