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PrettyDancer101 is an OTer. and he likes to tell the truth. People think he is mean for this, but he isn't trying to.

He started out using PrettyDancer101 as a troll account. He acted like a minimod. He told everyone that he was boiledeggtwin's brother at around 600 posts, and most people accepted him. Now, he doesn't troll anymore. 


  • Born on June 27, 1997
  • Has a twin brother who OTs (boiledeggtwin)
  • Joined roblox on March 15, 2008 on an account named "boiledegg"
  • Has a 3DS
  • Has a golden retreiver/lab mix named Achilles
  • Has an obese cat that only thinks about food
  • Lives in NC
  • Made all-state orchestra in 8th grade
  • Started OT in 2011 on Boiledegg, but quit and came back on PrettyDancer101 in the middle of July.

Favorite OTers