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This person is an OTer who visits OT sometimes. She normally posts topics about STARBUCKS/YES! raids, L2D, scenarios, interactive and discussions about mostly life.


7th April, 2015: PrettyangeI2003 posted ascii male genetalias and upside down text saying "the mods hate my epic dicks" as a joke, which got her terminated. She is terminated, and her new alt is "prettyangelreturns".


1- 13 March, 2015: PrettyangeI2003 would constantly post "NOOT threads" and Edited "Mlg" Pingu videos. She doesn't do this as much.


- The "l" in "angel" is actually a capital i. In her alt, the "l" in "prettyangelreturns" is a real "l", not a capitalised "i"

- Prettyangel2003 is a 13 year old female, living in America.

- Nobody knows which cartoon she secretly likes. There are no rumors or theories.

- She had a friend that used to be her friend, but turned out evil. It turned out to be a rickrolling alt from her big sister.

- Her little sister makes prettyangeI watch DORA and BUBBLE GUPPIES everyday..

- Her birthday is on the Fourth of July.


Gender: Female

Age: 13

Account Status: Main is terminated, but her alt is not.

Alts: "prettyangelreturns"

Nicknames: "uglyangle" (Used by little brats when she trolls them, OTERs almost never use it.)


(If an account is slashed out, it has been terminated) (Bold are the active accounts) (Italics are alts with special uses.)

(Main) prettyangel2003 *Main*

(Alt) prettyangelreturns

(Alt) MLGprettyangel

(Alt) OTprettyangel

(Alt) prettyangelrisks *Risk Alt*

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