Projectshadowreborn is a Japanese OTer, a japan born OTer living in japan for 9 years before moving to America. Many people call him a "Newbag" when Project has had previous accounts on Roblox. People also believe he is PG'ed.

ROBLOX History

He is the co-creator/Co-owner of the account "Crazy 8s Rocket" He joined on the account "Crazy 8s Rocket" on October 24th 2006. This account however is considered "Lost" until both Project and the owner resolve a dispute or come to agreement. He started foruming on "Look what I made" from 2006 - 2007, then OT ATR and RT 2007 - Present


Projectshadowreborn is an OTer talking about anything ranging to animes and countries to anti-PA campaigns.

  • He enjoys DC and Marvel comics and really enjoys anything superhero due to his "supernerdiness".
  • His favorite color is Mint Green.
  • His favorite superheros are Batman and Spiderman.
  • Has an addiction to fatty yellowtail sushi and Sake
  • DeadPool is his favorite anti-villain
  • He enjoys all anime and all abridged series of anime
  • 13 is his favorite number.
  • he has been in 2 foreign exchange programs (one in 2007 and one in early 2015/ the end of 2014)

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