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PvtBrown is an OTer from Russia who currently lives in New Orleans, Lousiana. He has over 11k in all his 15+ accounts. His posts are often trying to response to someone or just being random and trying to start a debate. He is known for being deleted many times over. PvtBrown also likes to state he is one of the main reasons why Liliamgirl is hated because he and two others OTers started to Legoseed x Liliamgirl forum war in 2012.


PvtBrown isn't very active as he actually cares about School life and normally studies History but when he is online, he will often insult users who generalize or act like Morons, leading him to being hated in the the forums A LOT.

PvtBrown started to be known in early 2013 when he staged a very successful raid on Kidzworld and since then, people have taken more interest in him.

PvtBrown left for a month at the beginning of the Summer Break in 2013. He said his reason was Richiesan and such. Many hate went to Richiesan after this 3-page thread.

He has recently started to make threads rhyming and started to response to GTA V fanboy threads dropping the facts about the Rage engine.

He loves the word mang and is part of da ot gang Luffy's Thugs. Calao Krew isn't reppin in his eyes.


  • His name is Samuel
  • He speaks French, Russian and English.
  • He lives in 9th Ward, New Orleans.
  • His middle name is Marc.
  • His father has a PhD in Nuclear Physics.
  • He attends Private High School.
  • He loves movies that have children facing adult problems.
  • He loves the Character, James Brown in some Russian independent movie about the army.

OTers that PvtBrown likes-











OTers that PvtBrown hates-


Big Sean - Control (Kendrick Lamar Verse) Dirty &! Lyrics03:24

Big Sean - Control (Kendrick Lamar Verse) Dirty &! Lyrics

What he thinks he likes.

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