Qwazola (now known as BiologicalIntent) is a well-known night OTer and troll on Off Topic. He is known for his good grammar and starting fights on most threads that he happens to go to, as well as his iconic wizard hat + suit combo. He is now terminated

He was one of the members of the Dream Team


He is now on the account "IchBinEin" and seemingly has abandoned all grammar, getting in pointless fights with anyone.

Outside of OT

There is not much known about Qwazola outside of Roblox, but it is assumed he previously forumed on RobloxHQ. It is also rumored that he owned the kathius200 account along with Yui810GhostofOTPast and tatoberry. His Xbox Live account is Qwazola.

Qwazilla. Qwazola's new account as of march 6th of 2015

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