ROBLOX+ is a Google Chrome extension created by WebGL3D. People fully respected the extension until WebGL3D added a feature that forced users to thumbs up his place. Now, a few OTers often disagree about the nature of the extension.



August 27th, 2015

An update was released that allowed users to display decals and sounds in their forum posts, and was incredibly popular on OT. However, for users not using the R+ extension, all that was seen by them were blue links to the pages the decals/sounds came from, which angered them. Some OTers went to RT to escape from the links.

August 28th, 2015

At around 12:30pm, someone complained about the R+ update, and it spawned a large argument that lasted hours. There were many threads in this argument, but the thread archives of the war only start at 1:07pm.

August 29th, 2015

Posts taking about or mentioning R+ are deleted automatically.

  • 3:56am - ToySackboyLBP2, gets banned for 1-day by mods who didn't know about the R+ incident.

August 30th, 2015

In the early hours of August 30th, 2015, an update is released for R+. In this update, decal embedding is removed. This spawns many threads about the matter, and spawns a second argument:

Early September 2015

In the first few days of September decal embedding is added back to R+. Because no one wanted a second war about the embedding feature, there was very little arguments.
Users that stopped arguing


  • ToySackboyLBP2 (originally left the war but has returned)
  • phoniex
  • accouninncasetermd
  • Ignys
  • WiggleYourBooty
  • DizzyUmbreon
  • Sandwichism
  • FlyingYamaski
  • ForgetSteve
  • bonzibuddy696969 (ToySackboyLBP2)


Thread Archive

December 21, 2015

Due to WebGL3D purchasing 4 unobtainable limiteds, OT noted that his account may get terminated. Various threads came up regarding the fate of ROBLOX+ if Web were to be deleted. A previous incident with the automatic approval of a ROBLOX+ place was cited.


  • ToySackboyLBP2
  • Heeyaa


  • StraitOuttaBoston
  • chopbowl
  • TheRealCactusJack
  • FlyingYamaski
  • frostblooper

Thread Archive

December 23, 2015

User Baymax880 started posting page-stretching threads at around 2:20pm. ToySackboyLBP2 stated that to solve the page-stretching problem you should use R+. Two users against R+ started to flame Toy saying that R+ was a keylogger.


  • ToySackboyLBP2
  • cooper135


  • StraitOuttaBoston
  • chopbowl
  • PokemonEevee

Thread Archive


April 17th, 2016

A few threads in Roblox Talk are discussing the possibilty of ROBLOX+ having a data leak after several forumers got PG'd and had their limiteds stolen and they used ROBLOX+. Eventually this whole data leak scare blew up when, Diddleshot, the creator of Pinewood Builders, shouted on his group that ROBLOX+ had a massive data leak that included passwords and encouraging users to uninstall R+ and change their password. A major panic arose on Roblox Talk and many threads were made of warnings and fear. The hysteria spread to Off Topic when an RT'er warned people to uninstall it and to go on Roblox Talk for more info. Similar to the RT panic, OT made threads of warnings and fear, but also denial as there is no proof of it. A flame war arose but died down when WebGL3D confirmed [1]it was fake, ending the flame war. Eventually most OT'ers accepted it was fake and the incident died down but a few still refused the truth for example dj_shadow who claims anybody who thinks ROBLOX+ is innocent or WebGL3D did nothing is a WebGL3D alt.


  • Various OT'ers and RT'ers and Pinewood Builders members
  • WebGL3D


  • Various OT'ers and RT'ers and Pinewood Builders members
  • Diddleshot
  • dj_shadow

Thread Archive

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